“I have loved poetry since I was a child, because my parents loved poetry, in the end I also enjoyed reading poetry. Moreover with the experience of competing in many poetry competitions since elementary school to high school and even in college, I am very enthusiastic to take part in it. I am grateful to be able to win first place in Diponegoro Art Competition 2021,” said Alvin Aulia Raynaldi, a Undip Vocational School student who won the first place of Poetry Reading Contest in Diponegoro Art Competition (DAC) 2021.

“In this DAC 2021, the poetry that must be performed is the work of Toety Heraty Noerhadi entitled ‘Cocktail Party’. Meanwhile my chosen poem is a work of Taufiq Ismail with the title ‘Sebuah Jaket Berlumur Darah’. I chose the work of Taufiq Ismail, because the poem is familiar to me and this poem gives an extraordinary meaning for young people to always continue to fight for the Republic of Indonesia. I also made preparations with routine exercises since D-2 week of the competition. I also try to study and live the poetry script,” he continued.

According to Alvin, the important role of poetry for his life is that poetry becomes an encouragement in everyday life, without poetry a life may feel bland and monotonous. In addition to poetry reading competitions, Alvin often participates in other competitions including poetry creation competitions, Indonesian speeches, Javanese speeches, and geguritan (Javanese Poetry).

“Be yourself and believe in your own abilities, follow the process and we will definitely achieve that. I remember the words of Pat Riley, a professional basketball player: from nobody to novice, from novice to competitor, from competitor to winner, from winner to champion, from champion to dynasty, ” he said excitedly. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)