“Intelligence can be obtained without education. But with education, we do not only acquire intelligence, but also good character and become useful person for those around us,” said Singgih Priatmaji Sasongko, S.E., alumni of Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University.

“I entered Undip through Independent Exam path and chose Management Study Program, class of 2008 and graduated in 2013. I think the economics major is a universal major that can cover all aspects of the world of work. There is an analogy, having a Bachelor of Economics degree make it easy to find work everywhere, and majoring in economics is an alternative for those who do not want to be employees or want to be entrepreneurs. Entering Management Study Program is an alternative for prospective students who feel like lacking in calculations. Currently I have worked at PT. Pegadaian (Persero), of course in accordance with my major. What I get now cannot be separated from the role of Undip as a place to gain knowledge which then I can apply in the workplace,” he continued.

According to Singgih, Undip has a different culture in each faculty, but these differences are not a problem. On the other hand, with all the differences that exist, it is the hallmark of each faculty. “Different fields of grasshoppers, different depths of fish, that’s the old saying that teaches about differences. Having friends from different majors or faculties is actually an advantage, we can expand the network of friends, exchange information, add insight and complement each other’s knowledge. These experiences become important when we enter the world of work,” he concluded. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)