Meta Kurniawati, Salsabila Chairunisa, et al carried out the programs of Student Community Service Team II Diponegoro University located in Saradan Village, Baturetno District, Wonogiri Regency.

Work programs that have been carried out include spraying disinfectants, distributing ginger and turmeric medicinal plants, labeling Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises products, distributing masks to the community. They also make fish nuggets to be distributed to people who have toddlers to increase consumption interest and to prevent stunting.

In addition, this Student Community Service team is active in assisting village activities, such as assisting in the distribution of Cash Social Assistance at Hall of Saradan Village, assisting in distribution of basic necessities from Non-Cash Food Assistance (Bantuan Pangan Non Tunai / BPNT) to the community and assisting in distribution of Village Fund Cash Assistance (Bantuan Langsung Tunai – Dana Desa / BLT-DD). The students also made a population infographic banner and put up the banner at the village hall, handed the infographic module and then explained the contents of the module to the village hall officers.

Meanwhile, regarding the COVID-19 issue, Undip students team take the initiative to create a work program with the theme COVID-19, namely the Socialization of Government Policies Related to the Healthy Living Community Movement Program. This program aims to help maintaining health and education related to COVID-19 about symptoms, emergency management, to Self-Isolation procedures, through the media of poster. The Healthy Living Community Movement is a movement that aims to promote a healthy living culture by cutting off unhealthy habits and behaviors, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, when people are required to always take care of themselves and their families, and increase their immune systems. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis – Public Relations

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