As one of the disciplines, Public Administration plays a role in regulating, directing and accelerating social change, in accordance with community expectations. In realizing this, Public Administration carries out its function as an executor and director of all activities, including those carried out by the community which main goal’s is social change. To carry out activities that bring about changes in values, Public Administration has a position to maintain and strengthen common life. Meanwhile in public sector management, Good Governance is seen as a reference that must be built by the bureaucracy of an institution in order to carry out the functions of public management properly. Good Governance also plays an important role in carrying out its principles during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

“In general, the meaning of Good Governance is the implementation of a clean, good and authoritative government. Good Governance can be achieved if there is synergy between the Government Bureaucracy, Civil Society both Non-Governmental Organizations, Community Leaders, Religious Leaders and other parties as well as the Private Sectors, Mass Media and Universities. If we relate it to Public Management, especially regarding Public Services, it is about how the Good Governance actors themselves involved in formulating, implementing and evaluating policies, including policies during the pandemic. Without the synergy of these actors, it will not work optimally with a policy carried out by the Government,” said Dra. Dyah Hariani, MM, Lecturer of Public Administration, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University.

She conveyed that in order to carry out the public management function effectively, the government must identify the needs of the community during the pandemic, carefully plan and implement the regulation which is supported by the community, business actors, universities, and mass media. Government programs during the pandemic are quite a lot, here the role of Good Governance Actors is required to be able to change the public perspective, for example by conveying (socialization) the right way, so that people are not affected by fake news, news hoaxes and so on.

“Talking about management, basically how to manage an organization to achieve its goals efficiently and effectively through management functions, namely management function in brief is POAC or Planning, Organizing, Actuating, Controlling. The other functions besides POAC are Budgeting, Leading, Communicating, Innovating, Representing where these functions are carried out by the Organizational Leaders. Public management itself is related to Public Service Management, this is due to the increasingly complex problems and needs of the community for goods and services that require faster, better, more certain services. Good and services reflected in the indicators of Public Service Quality, namely tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy,” she continued.

As a lecturer in Public Management, Public Policy and Public Finance, she said that studying public administration was fun. We will learn about managerial, do analysis, think strategically, communicate, manage organizations and even learn numbers or mathematics. In the Department of Public Administration there are two concentrations, Public Policy and Public Management (2017 curriculum), Public Management Concentration (2017 curriculum), covering Public Service Management, Organizational Analysis, Public Organizational Communication, State Finance, Public Sector Resource Management. For the 2020 curriculum, courses related to Public Management are still available and are free to be taken by all students.

She hoped that the support of all Undip Academics by implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education for each role of the Academic Community, both lecturers, employees, students and good management from the University Leadership, will strongly encourage Undip’s progress towards a World Class University. “WCU will bring change to Undip itself to compete with campuses abroad while producing graduates who are able to compete with graduates of world-class universities which are very much needed in the era of globalization. Undip and WCU can bring about cooperation at the national and international levels, both from universities, the business world, other institutions or research collaborations, business collaborations, student exchanges, internships and so on,” she concluded. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis – Public Relations