Diponegoro University in collaboration with Bank Indonesia hold a public lecture entitled “BI Teaching” on Friday, August 6th 2021. Public lectures can be followed through Zoom Meeting platform and live streaming on Youtube Channel Undip TV Official. Governor of Bank Indonesia, Perry Warjiyo, will attend the public lecture of “BI Teaching” at Undip.

The public lecture activity of “BI Teaching” is a form of Undip’s concern to play a role in restoring the national economy affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The public lecture “BI Teaching” will carry the theme of ‘Strengthening Innovation, Synergy, and Social Awareness as Contributions to National Economic Recovery’.

Undip invites students to join the “BI Teaching” public lecture event on August 6th 2021. To enliven the event, Undip also invited all Diponegoro University students to contribute by participating in the Pre-Event competition in order to revive Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises / MSMEs.

The “BI Teaching” Pre-Event Competition at Diponegoro University raised the theme of ‘Empowered MSMEs, Successful Indonesia’. This theme is in line with the role of Bank Indonesia in encouraging Indonesia’s economic growth, one of which is through empowering MSMEs. It also aims to deepen public understanding of the importance of the role of MSMEs in supporting National Economic Recovery.

The types of Pre-Event competitions that can be participated by Undip active students are:

Entrepreneurship Model Business Competition, namely the Indonesian Business Model Competition (Kompetisi Model Bisnis Indonesia / KOMBI)

  • Business model canvas or pitch deck competition
  • Materials are arranged in video or poster format
  • Submit via Instagram and tag to Instagram accounts @bijateng and @undip.official with the hashtag #KOMBI #BIMengajar #Undip #UMKMBerdaya

Poster Competition for the Role of MSMEs in Economic Recovery, namely the Poster for MSMEs Resilient and Creative (BI PUSTAKA)

  • Poster preparation competition to educate the public on the important role of MSMEs in supporting economic growth
  • Submit via Instagram and tag to Instagram accounts @bijateng and @undip.official with the hashtag #BIPUSTAKA #BIMengajar #Undip #UMKMBerdaya

One Minute Video Competition Showing Love and Proud by Using Domestic MSME Products, namely the Love and Proud Movement for Indonesian Products (Gerakan Cinta dan Bangga Produk Indonesia / GENTABI)

  • A one-minute short video compilation competition that shows love and pride in using domestic products, especially MSMEs
  • Submit via Instagram and tag to Instagram accounts @bijateng and @undip.official with the hashtag #GENTABI #BIMengajar #Undip #UMKMBerdaya

The schedule for the Pre-Event competition period is from July 31st – August 4th 2021. The requirements for participating in the competition are very easy, namely active students from Diponegoro University. For those who are interested in participating in this competition, please click the registration link: https://bit.ly/PreEventBIMengajar For the latest updates, check Undip Official Website and follow Undip’s Instagram (@undip.official) and Undip’s Twitter (@undip).

For those who have questions, you can contact:

Shoimatul (Undip) 0813-9246-8622

Maya Lestarini K. (KPwBI Central Java) 0812-8305-1152

Translated by: Titis – Public Relations

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