Totok Indrianto, a student of Student Community Service Team II of Diponegoro University at Sidorejo Village, Warungasem District, Batang Regency, with his team is making Touchless-Mechanical Hand Sanitizer Tool as many as 3 pieces to be placed in the mosque (2 pieces) and the village hall (1 piece). The use of hand sanitizers in public places allows for physical contact between users so that a way is needed to reduce this physical contact. The way that can be applied is to use a touchless-mechanical hand sanitizer tool and of course the manufacture of this tool is an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus.

The manufacturing process begins with sketching a touchless-mechanical hand sanitizer tool by using AutoCAD starting with the application download stage, looking for references and drawing. Then the procurement of materials for the manufacture of tools are done followed by the process of cutting and welding. Next step to do is the assembly of several parts into one before finishing and painting steps. Then the students prepare hand sanitizer to be installed on a touchless-mechanical hand sanitizer tool.

This tool is practical and easy to use, by stepping on the pedal that is connected to the lever handle inside the hand sanitizer rod, then the lever will press the spring down and push the end of the hand sanitizer bottle so that it releases an adjustable amount of liquid. The bottle of hand sanitizer that will be installed on this tool can also vary, because in this tool there is a holder that can be adjusted according to the shape and height of the bottle.

In addition to the program, in order to take care for the surrounding environment due to the pandemic, their work programs include helping with spraying disinfectants, promoting the potential for household-scale energy use in the context of energy conservation, and distributing masks and vitamins to the community at village halls, schools and food stalls. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis – Public Relations