“The experience of studying Communication Science Undergraduate Study Program at Diponegoro University left memorable memories both about the atmosphere in classes, lecturers, friendships and even various street vendors around campus that are recorded so clearly in the memory. The knowledge that I got when I was in college is now developed further. I also still had the opportunity to meet and chat with lecturers, friends and even undergraduate students and it made me more curious about the development of communication science,” said Septi Wulandari, a prospective new student who passed Independent Exam of Communication Science Postgraduate Study Program of Diponegoro University.

“Undip is the main choice, I do not even think about another campus for further study, so I finally decide to continue master studies at Undip. Undip has become a part of my life, after graduating from high school I was accepted at Undip in 2003. As alumni, I was also often invited to collaborate with Undip lecturers in several activities, although on a small scale. I see that Undip’s development is progressing very rapidly,” she continued.

Septi’s desire to continue her studies in Master of Communication Science has emerged since 5 years ago, but because she is still worried that she would not be able to divide her time properly between work, study and household matters, she postpones her study. However with determination, she started trying to register online and chose major in Communication again to support her career in the media field, which she had been working on so far.

“There were no problems during the entrance examination process. I followed the procedure, from registration, examination to file verification. What made me a little insecure was the written exam regarding the understanding of communication science material. Honestly, because I’ve been in the professional world for too long, I don’t really remember much about communication theories or writing scientific papers. But I was very excited and learning so everything went smoothly. And here I am, studying at Master of Communication Science at Diponegoro University, I am really grateful and happy to be able to pass the exam,” she said.

“We have been going to school to get formal education since we were young from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school, and college. But we do not really realize that school is important to gain knowledge and develop insight. Some people are not aware that education is important, some have been aware since they were in elementary school, some have only realized after a long time has passed. Whenever the time is, it is never too late, we must never stop learning. Education is important and will never be in vain,” she concluded. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis – Public Relations