Almost every year Diponegoro University welcomes new students, one of which is by holding the Young Diponegoro Orientation (Orientasi Diponegoro Muda / ODM) initiated by Human Resources Development of Undip Student Executive Board. The goals of implementation of ODM include instilling love for the nation, increasing pride in Undip’s alma meter, understanding the values of Pancasila and the noble values of Prince Diponegoro, and forming strong and quality characters to become excellent graduates.

“Young Diponegoro Orientation or ODM is an official welcoming activity for new students to educate and instill Diponegoro values, so that they can become strong, intelligent, and adaptive students. The theme of this year’s ODM is “Socio-Technology” since we are all facing change of times and rapid technological advances. Thus it is hoped that Young Diponegoro as the next generation of the nation can be smart and wise in utilizing and living the best with technology. It is time for us to prepare a smart and excellent generation in accordance with Undip graduates’ profile, namely COMPLETE, Communicative, Professional, Leader, Entrepreneur, Thinker and Educator so that it can be useful for Undip and Indonesia,” said Ichwan Nugraha Budjang, as Head of UNDIP ODM Committee 2021.

“The implementation of ODM 2021 is carried out virtually through the UNDIP ODM Youtube channel and attractively packaged starting from Talk Shows, Masterpiece Arts Performances by Undip students and entertainment performances from Indonesian Guest Star musicians. We hope that this year’s ODM can become a creative channel together and a very memorable ceremonial for new students so that Young Diponegoro can take implied and explicit messages in the implementation of ODM,” he said.

“Welcome Young Diponegoro Class of 2021 to Diponegoro Campus, your journey has just begun. There will be a lot of dynamics in college world, but you should not be afraid and then back away, always process and continue to learn. Be a tough, intelligent, creative and smart generation. Let’s make a real contribution to Undip and Indonesia together!,” he concluded. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis – Public Relations