Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (Pengenalan Kehidupan Kampus bagi Mahasiswa Baru / PKKMB) is an event for higher education leaders to introduce and prepare new students in the process of transitioning into mature and independent students, to accelerate the process of adapting students to a new environment, as well as to provide provisions for their success in studying at university. Therefore, the Introduction to Campus Life for New Students is carried out.

Diponegoro University will carry out Introduction to Campus Life for New Students activities starting on Monday, August 16th 2021 online through Zoom application. On the first day, the materials are about Campus Introduction; National Insight and State Defense; Development of the National Mental Revolution Movement; and Higher Education System in Indonesia.

The material of National Message for Undip New Students is about why a student should defend the Republic of Indonesia, why a student should choose “Democracy”, why a student should choose “Moderation” in religion, why a student should reject communism and radicalism. The materials are also about accepting the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and democracy, and its relations with the moderation of our religious qualities. While the material of Development of the National Movement for Mental Revolution, discussing about students in the United Indonesia Movement. The students are obliged to uphold Pancasila Democracy; respect people from other religions, other races, other ethnic groups, speakers of other languages, and from other regions in implementing values of tolerance and harmony; take care and help others who are in need, stricken by disasters and having disadvantaged conditions; take religious education as a media to cultivate noble character; and comply with the rule of law and policies that strengthen unity and integrity.

On the next day, materials given to the students are Learning Methods (KULON 2); Introduction to SIAP Undip; Universities in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Campus Life during Pandemic; Environmental Awareness and Healthy Campus, Risk Management, Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation in Universities; Culture, Ethics, and Norms of Campus Life; Student Activities and Student Organizations; Character Education; and Youth Diponegoro Orientation (Orientasi Diponegoro Muda).

For information about Introduction to Campus Life for New Students of Undip, it can be accessed on page. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis – Public Relations

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