“My hope on 60th Scout Day in 2021 is that Scouts members will continue to carry out their duties and continue to face challenges in the era of digitalization and pandemics so that Scouts can still exist. In accordance with this year’s theme of ‘Endless Service’, Scouts must continue to serve until the end of life. Once become a Scout is always a Scout,” said Ilham Fauzan, Head of Diponegoro Board of Scouts – Diponegoro University Group 11,045.

According to him, Scouts have an important role in youth, both in character and expertise. Until now, there are many activities held by Scouts to shape the character of Scout members and improve their skills. In addition, Scouts plays a role in social activities, although Scouts is not social assistance organization but are in accordance with Scout Promise and Scout Law. Scouts members are actively giving their services to the country.

“When I was a new student, I was interested in joining Indonesian Red Cross Volunteer Corps of Diponegoro University Unit because when I was in high school I participated in Red Cross Youth. But since I was from Department of Naval Engineering, I think Scouts is a place to explore interests and talents. I also like camping then I decided to join Undip Scouts,” said the student majoring in Naval Architecture Engineering Study Program.

Ilham also said that organization and education are two very important things, both of the experiences must be gained by the younger generation. It is not just one but the two fields must go hand in hand. If education is similar like a material, organization is a tool. To become a product, materials and tools are needed. Organization and education are like making an investment, joining them is not like investing in gold or stocks, but for self-investment. But do not be too focus on one field so that the other one is neglected.

“Start by learning from organization and formal education in simple things as long as they are useful. We will harvest both investments in the long term,” he concluded. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis – Public Relations