The proud feeling is still felt by Student Activity Unit of Javanese Arts UNDIP, which just won General Champion when participating in BKKT Dance Creation Festival Competition 2021 as part of UNS BKKT Traditional Arts Cultural Show. This activity was held virtually starting from registration on May 25th 2021 until the peak event along with the announcement of the winner on August 15th 2021.

The dance that was performed was the Tari Pejuang / Warrior Dance by Mr. S. Ngaliman. This dance work tells the struggle of the Indonesian people in achieving independence. Persistence, joys and sorrows, and the dynamics of struggle are clearly illustrated in this dance presentation. Tari Pejuang reminds that the relay of heroes’ struggles must be continued until now. The spirit of fighting must be implemented by every human being.

In this competition, the delegation of Student Activity Unit of Javanese Arts UNDIP is represented by:

  1. Azahra Michelia Alba Amaramala – S1 IESP (2019)
  2. Febrianti Nur Wahyuni – Bachelor of Indonesian Literature (2019)
  3. Nabila Dhiya’ Kartikasari – S1 Agribusiness (2018)
  4. Safira Nogiana – Bachelor of Social Anthropology (2019)
  5. Syahrin Apikta – Bachelor of Psychology (2018)
  6. Zuliansyah Anjar Zulfikar – Bachelor of Public Administration (2019)

The BKKT Dance Creation Festival Competition 2021 is part of Cultural Show event which is a Traditional Dance Competition event held by Student Organization of Sebelas Maret University Surakarta and is held every two years. For this year, Dance Creation Festival Competition 2021 is held virtually or online.

In this competition, Javanese Arts UNDIP won the Favorite Champion, 1st Place, and became the General Champion from a total of 16 universities that participated in the competition. These achievements are dedicated to Diponegoro University and all parties who have supported Javanese Arts Undip during the training process. With this achievement, it is hoped thatStudent Activity Unit of Javanese Arts UNDIP can continue to excel in traditional and modern art competitions in the field of arts  in the future.

Translated by: Titis – Public Relations

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