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The Spirit of International Affairs Office in the Internationalization of Diponegoro University

International Affairs Office of Diponegoro University is a supporting element with a focus on the field of International Affairs. Based on the Rector’s Regulation regarding the Organization and Work Procedure of the Elements Under the Rector, International Affairs Office has the task of assisting the Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs in providing services to students, educational staffs, researchers and lecturers of Foreign Citizens who work and/or study at Undip.

In addition, other tasks of International Affairs Office are providing immigration document services, document and permit services from the relevant Ministries, management of foreign students and lecturers/researchers, preparation of work contract agreements with foreign lecturers/researchers, promotion of international activities, implementation of information/electronic systems related to function of International Affairs Office and other functions as determined by the Rector. The Head of Undip International Affairs Office is Anggun Puspitarini Siswanto, S.T., Ph.D. and the Deputy Head is Diastama Anggita Ramadhan, S.H., LLM.

“International Affairs Office is one of the entrances for internationalization at a university, whether for students, researchers or other international activities,” said Anggun. She conveyed that many work programs of International Affairs Office will be carried out in supporting World Class University program, including collaboration with Partner Universities Abroad in form of Student Exchange Program, both Inbound and Outbound Programs. The Inbound Program is intended for international students who study or have academic activities at Undip, while the Outbound Program is intended for Undip students who study or have academic activities on overseas campuses.

“As an effort to support the Internationalization of the University Program, we are not only collaborating with Partner Universities Abroad but also with Ambassadors, Educational and Cultural Attaches and Indonesian Embassies around the world including embassies of countries that have close relationship with Indonesia. In addition, Undip’s position, which is located in the capital city of Central Java Province, is a special attraction, where we can make collaboration of academic field with cultural and tourism fields,” she said.

Diponegoro University as part of the international community realizes that cooperation with international institutions is important to achieve its mission and goals. Since 1991, Undip has started to collaborate with various institutions, including universities, Non-Governmental Organizations, government agencies and companies around the world. Through these partnerships, Diponegoro University will be able to meet the needs of the community and improve its educational programs, as well as conduct professional research and scientific publications to support the development of science and technology. Various developing and developed countries have also become Undip partners including the USA, Australia, Austria, the Netherlands, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, the Philippines, the UK, Iran, Italy, Japan, Germany, Kazakhstan, Korea, Croatia, Malaysia, France, Pakistan, Russia, Suriname, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor Leste, Turkey and Vietnam.

“These collaborations are certainly a symbiotic mutualism, for example one of the best universities in Japan provides scholarships for 2 to 3 Undip students per year for Language and Cultures Short Course. Of course, the spirit of internationalization is not only carried out by one unit, the hope is the cooperation of all parties to be able to support the vision of becoming a World Class University,” continued Anggun.

In line with the Head of International Affairs Office, Deputy Head of International Affairs Office, Diastama, added that International Affairs Office activities not only include students but also staffs. Both lecturers and educational staffs have the opportunity to join in activities coordinated by International Affairs Office.

“We open up opportunities for all elements in Undip who must meet the specified competencies to get the opportunity to be involved in International Affairs Office program. Citizens already believe in the quality of Undip, in terms of science, research and activities, there is no need to doubt it. On the other hand, networking is also important, for example there are those who continue their doctoral studies in a certain country and lecturers from that country will conduct research at Undip, then International Affairs Office will be ready to assist and facilitate their activities with an international standard,” explained Diastama.

“At the international level, Undip already has a fairly good position and it needs hard work from all elements or all components in Undip to increase Undip’s bargaining power at the international level. Thus the big name of Undip is not only big on a national scale but at the international level where we also compete with other campuses. In terms of infrastructure and human resources, we are not inferior to other campuses since we continue to upgrade human resources. For example, the number of lecturers who graduate from abroad are increasing because it is part of the internationalization process. They bring new insight of academic knowledge as well as different culture. In the end, the goal is not only to maintain Undip’s good name at national level but also to improve Undip’s good name in the international level,” he concluded. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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