“The situation in Diponegoro National Hospital at the time of Covid-19 attack a few months ago was like a war. It was very concerning and the limited amount of oxygen made it worse. But now Diponegoro National Hospital has zero Covid patients, the situation now is under control,” said Dr. dr. Sutopo Patria Jati, M.M., M.Kes., President Director of Diponegoro National Hospital, Diponegoro University in the Interactive Dialogue with theme of “Covid Cases are Slowly Decreased, Condition is Slowly Improved” with Radio Idola Semarang (7/9).

dr. Sutopo said that Covid-19 is a relatively new disease, meaning that it is our position to learn to analyze it. The transmission is according to the mobility of the community and this is related to the reason why we have to limit mobility. The condition will get worse if we ignore health protocols.

“Human movement is limited as much as possible so the spread of the disease would not get worse and be out of control. Vaccines are important so we pursue the progress of vaccination, if it is given too late then there will be another problem. We have to manage vaccines properly and correctly because the defense to Covid-19 is in the vaccines,” he continued.

Talking about negligence, according to dr. Sutopo, it includes ignoring the issue of awareness. Awareness arises because of understanding and knowledge, so there are needs of education and socialization. Negligence arises because of other factors such as euphoria because people have been vaccinated. Vaccines act as prevention which does not mean after getting vaccination the human’s body will be immune from the virus. Therefore it is important to stay aware of the spread of corona virus.

“The difficult thing is changing behavior since being consistent requires support from the environment. This is a responsibilty of all of us, so that we have to remind each other and also improve ourselves. For example are by always using masks and implementing health protocols,” he said.


In her speech, Wahyu Setianingsih, M.kes (Epid), Head of Public Health Division of Health Office of Central Java Province, said that this pandemic was not over yet, please implement the health protocols and never ignore it. “Vaccination continues to be carried out in every area in Central Java. It is given to everyone from the elderly, pregnant women, health workers, and others who still have to complete the vaccination process,” she concluded. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)


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