“After failing to join entrance exam in 2002 with the choice of Animal Husbandry and Biology at Diponegoro University, my family encouraged me to study at Faculty of Literature, even though I graduated from SMA Negeri 1 Semarang majoring in science. In fact, in Diploma entrance exam I chose English as the first choice and Japanese as the second choice. Finally I was accepted in the second choice and being Literature student in 2002 then graduated in 2007,” said Denny Eko Wibowo, A.Md., S.Sn., M.A., Alumni of Japanese Language Vocational School, Diponegoro University.

“Since studying in Japanese Language Study Program, the interesting thing that is certainly obtained is learning other country’s language with distinctive characters and unique communication rules, as well as learning various Japanese cultures. Although I was less interested in the beginning, but later grew a high sense of interest, because many knowledge learned in this study program was related to Japanese human culture. It’s not only the technicalities of speaking the language, and writing Hiragana-Katana-Kanji but also learning how to behave properly when communicating in Japanese. The thing that makes me wonder and try to remember the experience of learning Japanese is that since I used to using pencils, I don’t have a lot of pens available. This makes me feel unique, even friends from other majors are always surprised if they want to borrow a pen from me. It’s not a problem not having a pen, but almost the whole class uses pencils as the main writing tool in writing the characters,” he continued.

“Undip is a place for me to learn as a student for the first time after graduating from high school level. Being a student of Undip is a very valuable experience for me. Especially from organizational experience at Undip Javanese Arts Student Activity Unit, I obtained soft skills such as competencies and attitudes that are important in life. Soft skills are life forces that are able to sustain a person’s independence. Undip is a place for transitioning students’ character as well as a place for honing soft skills in a new environment,” he said.

After graduating from Japanese Language Vocational School UNDIP, Denny decided to leave Semarang City to start finding his passion since childhood in the art world. He has been working as EDC maintenance employee, a bridal make-up artist, and being singer at events that require artistic presentation. In 2010, he decided to pursue his passion in the art world by continuing his studies at ISI Yogyakarta, majoring in Dance Arts.

“After graduated in 2015, my desire to continue studying encouraged my postgraduate studies to the Performing Arts and Visual Arts Study Program of Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta in 2015. In 2018 my master studies were over, and at the same time my career as a lecturer began. At this point, I believe that art is something that can be parallel to other fields of science, which have many scholars, doctors or even professors. Hopefully there will be chance so that later doctoral level studies can be realized,” he continued.

He currently works at Universal University, Batam – Riau Islands, as a lecturer since 2018 and has an National Lecturer Identification Number in the Higher Education Database and also serves as the Coordinator of Dance Study Program. Previously, he held the position of Secretary of Dean of Faculty of Arts in year 2019-2021.

“Education is not only important, but powerful. Education is a kind of honing -caring – nurturing processes in order to hone technical and soft skills. The opportunity to get an education is now very open to anyone as Indonesian citizen. So, why should we position ourselves as in the past, which was very difficult to get an education? Times have changed in such a way, even in the future education will find learning models that are dynamic in accordance with the development of human civilization. Walk today, because if you don’t walk today, you have to run tomorrow,” concluded Denny. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)