Semarang, Central Java (23/08/21). Diponegoro University (UNDIP) Semarang, Central Java, will again graduate 3,101 students in 2021. The 163rd graduation ceremony will be held on August 25th-26th 2021 online and broadcasted live through Undip TV’s youtube channel.

“UNDIP has equipped its graduates with skills and expertise according to the scientific fields they are engaged in. Therefore, with pride, UNDIP will release thousands of students at the end of August 2021,” said the Rector of UNDIP, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH., M. Hum.

Prof. Yos also added that UNDIP’s superior accreditation (A) is a form of public recognition of UNDIP to produce graduates who are tough, adaptive, and ready to contribute to the country. This accreditation is also a tangible form of achievement and performance of UNDIP as the largest university and the pride of the people of Central Java, and one of the best universities in Indonesia.

“Currently, UNDIP is included in the top 3 best universities in Indonesia whose graduates quickly get a job in the 2020 QS WUR version. This means that UNDIP graduates are graduates who are truly qualified and ready to work,” added Prof. Yos.

To create graduates who are ready to work, online learning methods have been aligned with the current pandemic model and conditions. In the learning process, students are directed to take the choice of career development as prospective entrepreneurs (job creators) who are fostered through the Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Clinic (Klinik Kewirausahaan dan Inkubasi Bisnis / KKIB) or choose as prospective professional workers/job seekers fostered by Undip Career Center (UCC). These two programs are integrated with the Free Learning – Independent Campus Program, so that Undip will produce graduates who are ready to take an active role in social life.

UNDIP also provides its graduates with added value in the form of adaptive abilities to the current situation which is very important in the new civilization and digital era. The ability to develop creative ideas to overcome the scarcity of job vacancies at this time is an important provision that is instilled in every UNDIP graduate.

“Prospective graduates are given insight and skills to work independently, such as the knowledge of Internet of Things or IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as skills to work online,” continued Prof. Yos.

Meanwhile, Head of UNDIP Secretariat and Protocol, Dr. Agus Suherman, S.Pi, M.Si, explained that the graduates who are ready to graduate on August 25-26 2021 consist of 26 students of Doctoral Program, 294 students of Masters Program, 49 students of Specialist Program, 1,572 students of Bachelor program, 3 students of Applied Bachelor Program (Diploma IV), and 1,092 students of Diploma III (D3) program.

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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