The use of drugs is an inseparable step in an effort to maintain health and healing, but one must still be careful in using it. Misuse of drugs or use of the wrong dose will actually cause new health problems. Therefore, you should learn or know the types of drugs you are taking which are recommended by your doctor or pharmacist. You should not hesitate to ask or consult your doctor or pharmacist if you need more information about the drugs you are taking.

“There are certain types of drugs that must be consumed until they run out, for example antibiotics or drugs for chronic diseases such as hypertension and heart drugs. If it is given for a period of one month, the drug must be taken regularly and until it runs out. Treatment is based on the condition of the patient at that time, if the medicine is still left, it would be better not to take it again,” said Apt. Intan Rahmania Eka D, M. Sc, Pharmacist at Diponegoro National Hospital of Diponegoro University.

According to her, related to drug consumption with food, there are many ways to take the drug whether it is taken with food or after eating food. There are certain drugs that have the potential to interact with food, for example antibiotics that should not be taken with milk. Milk contains many components such as protein, calcium, minerals. There are several antibiotics that can interact with the metal in milk (calcium), actually not only milk but also other foods containing calcium. Some composition of the food can cause the antibiotic to not be absorbed completely, so that the antibiotic will not give maximum effect and the infection cannot be cured. In addition to milk, the drug should not be taken with tea because tea contains tannins which can prevent the absorption of drugs.

“In pharmaceutical science, drugs are known in tablet form and there are various kinds of tablets such as conventional tablets and those specially formulated to be released in certain organs. Conventional tablets do not have to be crushed or split. Meanwhile formulated tablets cannot be split or crushed, for example in a slow-release tablet,” she explained.

“Drugs can be damaged since there is a possibility of decrease in the active substance. If the active substance is reduced then its effectiveness or ability to heal will decrease. Medicines should not be exposed to direct sunlight and there are certain drugs that require a special keeping place,” she continued.

“Using the right medicine is important, especially for patients with chronic diseases because medicine will be a friend for them. To heal completely, a patient has to take medicine every day, do not be bored to take medicine because drugs are one way to keep the body healthy. If there is something that needs to be asked, do not hesitate to consult to doctor or pharmacist,” concluded Intan. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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