On Monday afternoon (27/9/2021), in the midst of a fairly warm twilight atmosphere, Radio Idola 92.6FM chatted casually with representatives of Diponegoro Disaster Assistance Response Team (D-DART) of Diponegoro University. On-Air interviews conducted by Radio Idola were cheerful, informative and interactive. Radio Idola was represented by Nadia Ardiwinata, Donas and also Imam Syakur, while D-DART was represented by Anggun Puspitarini Siswanto, ST, PhD, a lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the Vocational School of Diponegoro University who is also a member of D-DART Public Relations Team.

This event received good appreciation from both parties, which is also in line with the goal of Undip to become World Class University. In addition to developing international cooperation, Undip also continues to develop in implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education which includes Education, Research and Community Service.

In carrying out its functions and goals as a World Class University and also one of the best State Universities in Indonesia, Undip has many supporting elements including D-DART. This team is under the coordination of the Center for Disaster Management at Research Institute and Community Service of Diponegoro University where dr. Ahmad Zulfa Juniarto, M.Si.Med, MMR, Sp.And.(K), Ph.D serves as Chairman of D-DART.

“D-DART is also named as Undip Disaster Task Force Team which is ready in the midst of the community when an area is hit by a disaster. Some time ago, when there was a disaster in Yogyakarta and Nusa Tenggara, the Undip Disaster Task Force Team was present to help the affected residents as part of community services. We also have a Disaster Response Car Unit that can be used at any time to be operated around disaster areas. During the Covid-19 pandemic, D-DART provided several services such as a hotline for symptom consultation, provision of self-isolation facilities for Undip residents with mild symptoms, as well as monitoring of daily activities for students, educators and educational staffs who are active doing activities in campus. We have full support from the Alumni Association and other donors in providing aid packages. In addition, we also coordinate with various related parties in carrying out our duties. D-DART consists of various experts in both medical and non-medical fields, such as Engineering, Epidemiology, Economics and Social Affairs. Its members include of lecturers, staffs and also student organizations,” Anggun answered when Nadya and Donas asked about the background and role of D-DART before and during the pandemic. (AS)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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