People with heart disease cannot eat carelessly because certain types of food can trigger an increase in blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. For that reason, people with heart disease should consider foods that are good for heart disease in order to maximize heart health. This means that awareness is needed to prevent heart disease and premature death from heart disease, namely by avoiding risk factors and being disciplined to eat healthy food for a healthy heart.

“It is recorded that the death rate in this world, 70% is caused by non-infectious diseases and 45% is related to heart and blood vessel diseases. It means that we must be aware of heart health,” said dr. Annta Kern Nugrohowati, M.Sc., SpGK, Clinical Nutrition Specialist at Diponegoro National Hospital of Diponegoro University.

dr. Annta said that what plays an important role in the occurrence of heart disease is eating habits. Thuseating habits are seen from the choicesof food that you eat, the choice of how to eat them, and the choice of time to eat.

“To maintain our hearts to be healthy, we must eat many foods that contain various nutrients. We have to eat foods that are high in fiber, vegetables and fruit, and to limit salt and fat intake. Choose fresh foods and side dishes that have good protein which are good for health,” she said.

According to her, fat and salt intake should be limited. Fat can cause cholesterol and saturated fats, these two types of fat will contribute to high blood cholesterol levels and the presence of LDL or high bad fats. LDL has a role in increasing risk of heart disease, while saturated fat can turn into trans fat. Trans fats are contained in food ingredients that undergo a hydrogenation process, for example vegetable oils, such as palm oil. In addition to oil, it turns out that trans fats are also contained in crackers, cookies and donuts.

“Salt is risky for the heart, salt attracts water and has the potential to raise blood pressure which will affect heart health. In people who have hypertension whose blood vessels are stiff, the heart must pump harder. If it continues for a long time the heart will enlarge and this condition can cause heart failure. Therefore salt consumption should really be considered both in healthy people and in people who already have heart disease. Those who are healthy should not experience an increased risk of high blood pressure so that it will affect the heart. For people who have heart disease, the limitation of salt intake is intended to not put the heart under pressure of work,” she explained.

“Heart disease case is increasing, so love your heart by consuming the right foods to keep your heart healthy. It is important to reduce bad fats, reduce salt intake, limit sugar intake and increase consumption of vegetables and fruit,” concluded dr. Annta. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)