Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) of Diponegoro University Semarang in collaboration with the Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia Daerah / KPID) of Central Java held a socialization of “Changes of Digital TV Broadcast from Analog to Digital” on last week.

In her speech, Asih Budiastuti, the Chair of Undip DWP as well as the Commissioner of Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission of Central Java said that the changes of analog television broadcasts to digital is very important in the broadcasting field in the country. Moreover, it is a legal mandate that must be realized as stated in the Job Creation Act.

“However, people still do not understand the meaning behind changes from analog to digital broadcasts or Analog Switch Off or ASO. So we think it is important to hold a socialization about ASO,” said Asih Budiastuti regarding the purpose of the event.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission of Central Java, Muhammad Aulia Assyahiddin, viewed digital broadcasting as very important field because there are a number of advantages, including the public interest in getting quality broadcasting services.

“Digitalization of broadcasting also creates efficiency in the broadcasting industry in the midst of disruption to internet streaming services. Another function of digitalization is to avoid disputes with neighboring countries caused by frequency spectrum interference in the country’s border areas,” he explained.

Deputy Chairman of Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission of Central Java, Achmad Junaidi added that the changes of analog to digital broadcasts in Central Java will begin in phases based on its zone. The first phase will start on April 30th 2022 with Central Java 2, Central Java 3, Central Java 6 and Central Java 7 zones. For Central Java 5 and Central Java 8 zones will follow in November 2022. There are already several applicants for new television channels in Central Java. Of course, our television programs will be more diverse with the digitalization of broadcasting. This new system has an impact on the opening of new fields. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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