Another proud achievement was achieved by Diponegoro University (UNDIP) students. This academic achievement, which is in line with Undip’s vision, was presented by Anung Riyanti (International Relations Student 2018), Muhammad Alfarizzi Salvikran (Naval Architecture Student 2018), and Bangun Damar Tyasto (Naval Architecture Student 2018) who are members of DART Team of Diponegoro University.
After competing with several student teams from all over Indonesia, DART Team of Diponegoro University finally won First Place in the Scientific Writing Competition at Maritime National Week (Pekan Nasional Kemaritiman / PESIAR) 2021 organized by Student Executive Board of Department of Naval Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Makassar on Wednesday (15/09).
The Scientific Writing Competition took the theme “Strengthening the Maritime Sector”. Participating in this online competition, DART Team of Diponegoro University carried the theme “Floating Turbine: Renewable Energy, Ocean Current Power Plant”. This research is based on a case study in the Larantuka Strait, East Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.
Representing the DART team, Anung Riyanti revealed preparations to take part in PESIAR 2021 activities which began on last July, when the three of them were conducting community service. “Our preparations were not too long due to limited time and the three of us had our respective activities,” said the student of International Relations Study Program of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Undip when interviewed by PR team, on Saturday (02/10).
“What is quite challenging is my involvement as the leader of DART team representing UNDIP with different fields of knowledge with two other members of from Naval Architecture Study Program. In International Relations, there are maritime studies courses related to maritime affairs, but technically understanding a design of technology called floating turbine is quite difficult and takes a long time,” explained Anung.
Floating turbine itself is an alternative power plant for areas that have a low electrification ratio around the coast. This technology utilizes the potential of current tidal waves in strait waters.
Some of the advantages of this technology include non-polluting power plants, not damaging the environment and marine life, energy can be stored for backup in emergency conditions, using pontoons so that it can be moved around as needed, as well as its easy and inexpensive maintenance.
PESIAR 2021 is open to all Diploma III / Diploma IV / Bachelor students throughout Indonesia. There are 3 kinds of competitions held namely Scientific Writing Competition, Prototype & Fast Ship Innovation Competition, and National Creative Video competition.
In addition, there is also a National Webinar with the theme “Strategies for Strengthening the Eastern Indonesia Maritime Industry in Realizing the World Maritime Axis”. This webinar aims to produce ideas in the maritime field in order to support the realization of Indonesia as the world’s maritime axis.
Furthermore, DART Team of Diponegoro University plans to take part in Marine Icon Competition 2021 organized by Marine Engineering Student Association, Faculty of Marine Technology, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya. “I have submitted an abstract in Marine Icon Competition on September 30th. We are waiting for the results of the abstract selection and it will be possible for us to look for other competitions related to marine technology and renewable energy which are being our focus,” said Anung.
The pandemic is still not over, however Diponegoro University students must remain productive in producing new innovations for the surrounding community. “For all students, try to be productive and dare to try new things. Being college students is our privileges so we can excel in our respective fields and produce ideas to help the lives of many people,” said Anung.
Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)