Alifia Meidia Namasta, a student of Nutrition Science Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University, recorded her achievements in sports at National Sports Week XX Papua 2021 (Pekan Olahraga Nasional / PON XX Papua 2021). Representing the contingent of DKI Jakarta Province, Alifia won 3 gold medals in the sport of roller skating.

Alifia showed her ability at the roller skate track in Klemen Tinal Roller Sport Arena, Buper Waena, Jayapura City. Within 4 days of roller skating competition in National Sports Week XX Papua 2021, this DKI Jakarta female roller skating athlete had won 3 Gold medals.

Alifia managed to achieve 2 gold medals individually through roller skating sport in the Women’s 15,000 meter Elimination and Women’s 10,000 meter Point to Point (PTP). She also achieved 3 gold medals or hat-tricks in the roller skating sport in National Sports Week XX Papua 2021 through category of Women’s 3,000 meter Relay which was played in teams on Thursday afternoon (30/09).

She won the gold medal in the Women’s 15,000 meter Elimination with a time of 30.18,065 seconds, beating her competitors from Yogyakarta and West Java. While in the Women’s 10,000 meter Point to Point (PTP), she earned a total of 26 points and recorded the fastest time of 17,51,969 seconds. For the Women’s 3,000 meter Relay, Alifia et al managed to record a time of 4.40.022 seconds.

Alhamdulillah, I am very happy to be able to present gold medals in this Relay number for the DKI Jakarta team. This medal hat-tricks is from me and Naura. Previously, at Pre-National Sports Week 2019 I also won hat-tricks,” said Alifia when quoted from the official website of National Sports Week XX Papua 2021.

Alifia revealed that the achieved gold medals won will be dedicated to her family who have supported her tremendously and also patiently accompanied her while practicing roller skating for many years.

“And of course, no less important, I dedicate these gold medala to the coaches who have worked hard to teach me and finally I can be the representative of DKI Jakarta contingent,” said Alifia.

Alifia et al are still eyeing for the final gold medal in the two remaining numbers, the 42,000-meter marathon and the 10,000-meter Team Time Trial (TTT) which will be contested on Holtekamp Road, on October 1st -3rd 2021.

National Sports Week is a national level sport event in Indonesia which is held every four years and participated by athletes from all provinces in Indonesia. For National Sports Week in 2021, Papua Province was appointed as the organizer. National Sports Week XX Papua 2021 is a new record in the history of organizing multi-sport events in Indonesia. Since this is the first time that National Sports Week is held in the eastern part of Indonesia.

The sun of new hope from the eastern Indonesia is the main message in the implementation of National Sports Week XX Papua 2021. It is hoped that excellent new athletes will be born in line with the development of new infrastructure. This national event can also introduce tourism and cultural arts, so that it can improve the socio-economic factors of community in Papua Island.

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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