Semarang, Central Java (6/10) – The role of alumni is very large in supporting the progress of development of faculties and universities. As happened at the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences of Diponegoro University (Undip), the recognition of its reputation at national and international levels cannot be separated from the contributions of alumni, both directly and indirectly.

Vice Rector III for Communication and Business UNDIP, Dwi Cahyo Utomo, S.E., M.A., Ph.D, said this statement while giving a speech representing the Undip Rector at Alumni Network Talk Show with the title “Alumni’s Loyalty in Synergizing Building the Nation”. The event was held by Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip on Saturday (2/10/2021).

The role of alumni of Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip who are members of Alumni Association of Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip (IKAFATERTAN) should be appreciated. ‘”The alumni should also be proud, because the achievements of Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip are very good and improving well. Even though there are many limitations, we start from zero and to get extraordinary achievements like now,” said Dwi Cahyo Utomo.

According to him, the current position of Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip is not only at the national level, but also at the international level. Therefore, Dwi invited alumni who are members of IKAFATERTAN to fight with new enthusiasm for the glory of Undip.

“The latest achievement based on the assessment of QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022 where Undip gets the first rank in Indonesia. This means that Undip graduates are quickly absorbed by the job market and are able to work in credible institutions,” added Dwi.

This is an acknowledgment that the roles of alumni in both public and private institutions, as well as those who become entrepreneurs are in important positions. For this reason, Undip needs a new spirit that can be developed, including strengthening the synergy between alumni and university in various programs.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip, Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Waluyo Hadi Eko Prasetiyono, MS MAgr IPU, said that Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip continues to improve strengthening its position. “This year, we have entered the world competition. Undip’s farm is ranked 2 at the national level. In Asia, we are in 66th position and for International level in 32th position included in top 500 positions,” said the man who is familiarly called Bambang Whep.

Various improvements continue to be made. “Next year, we will build a four-story building. It should also be noted that all study programs at Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip have been accredited A or superior,” he added.

Currently, there are two departments in Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip, namely the Department of Animal Science which has Animal Science Undergraduate Study Program,  Animal Science Postgraduate Study Program and  Animal Science Doctoral Study Program; and the Department of Agricultural Science which has Agribusiness Undergraduate Study Program, Agribusiness Postgraduate Study Program, Food Technology Undergraduate Study Program and Agro-Technology Undergraduate Study Program. The seven study programs at Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip have accreditation of A.

In addition to superior accreditation, the interest of new students to enter Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip also continues to increase. “From 2019 to 2021 the number of exam participants is doubled. In 2019 there were 400 registrants, now the number has reached 825 registrants,” he said.

As Dean, Bambang Whep invited alumni to participate directly in encouraging the progress of Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip. There are many kinds of collaboration that can be done with alumni including how to be productive alumni who excel in building networks. He also hoped that alumni organizations can be structurally developed from regional areas starting from regencies / cities in Indonesia.

The Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip is one of the leading faculties in Undip. Its vision is to become a leading international faculty in the field of science and technology, livestock and tropical agriculture by 2030. It has mission to develop an excellent education program in the field of tropical animal husbandry to produce competitive graduates.

To achieve this, apart from updating the curriculum and teaching process, research activities and adequate laboratory support are needed to be improved. One of the leading laboratories and research sites is the modern type of chicken coop designed by Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Undip which can accommodate 33 thousand chickens, fruit gardens, as well as an entrepreneurship laboratory. There is also a laboratory for beef cattle and a laboratory for dairy cattle. In laboratories for cattle, crossbreeding of local and foreign cattle is carried out as one of their programs. (PR team)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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