“When I took Entrance Exam for university in 2001, Communication Science was my second choice after Medicine Science. At that time I really wanted to study at Diponegoro University to find my favorite major and it turned out that Communication Science was one of them. I think it would be fun to learn communication and after studying it, it turned out to be really interesting, how do we communicate effectively and formulate strategies in communication,” said Lusiana Indira Isni, S.Sos, MIKom, alumni of Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University.

“Currently I work as a Civil Servant in the Brebes Regency Government Office, as the Head of Communication and Public Relations of the Information and Statistics Communications Service. Initially, I did not think about working as a Civil Servant at all. After graduating from college in middle of 2005, I worked in 2 big hotels in Semarang. Then my parents asked me to try to take the Civil Servants Candidates test in early 2006. In 2009, I became a staff of Public Relations and Protocol Section of the Regional Secretariat and in 2012 I was trusted to be the Head of Public Relations Subdivision. In 2017 it changed again to the Information and Statistics Communication Service, where I became the Head of Public Relations and Public Communication. In 2018 I was given a mandate as the Head of Communication and Public Relations, until now,” she said.

Lusi said that the family atmosphere at Undip, especially in the Communication Science Department, was very strong. The relationship between lecturers and students is quite strong and pleasant. It was also her reason to continue her Master Study in Communication Science at Undip in 2010. The knowledge she gained could also be applied to the work she was engaged in.

“Since I was little, my parents always instilled that education is a very valuable asset. We are not rich people who are abundant in wealth, but getting as much as possible education is a priority for us so that we become independent. This is my value, through education, we do not only gain knowledge and improve ourselves and support careers, but also can give inspiration and motivation to the future generation. So, don’t hesitate to study in any major you want. Learn it with a burning passion and you will feel the benefits later, “ she concluded. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)