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Public Relations and Information Study Program of UNDIP Vocational School Prepared Professional Practitioners for Active and Passive Communication Management

SEMARANG – The Vocational School of Diponegoro University through the Applied Undergraduate Program in Public Relations and Information, is determined to produce professional practitioners who are able to manage active and passive communication. The Diploma IV Study Program is dedicated to produce public relations professionals who are able to manage communication in general.

The Dean of Undip Vocational School, Prof. Dr. Ir Budiyono MSi, said the selection of the nomenclature of the Public Relations and Information Study Program was based on this determination. Prof. Budiyono stated that in the digital era, the need for skillful public relations practitioners is quite high. Besides having the provision of public relations expertise, capabilities of information management are also needed such as big data management, digital archives, the ability to create digital content and digital public relations strategies.

“The challenge for public relations practitioners today is the ability to manage active and passive information well. That is our commitment to provide ready-to-use graduates with competencies that are in accordance with the challenges of the times,” said Prof Budiyono, on Tuesday (19/10/2021).

Therefore, he said, vocational higher education providers need to intensively make improvements and adjustments. This is because changes occur very quickly, so that the preparation of vocational resources must be adaptive and accommodating to changes, although they must still refer to existing regulations.

Prof. Budiyono said that currently the Public Relations and Information Study Program is the only applied undergraduate study program that specializes in producing professional public relations practitioners who are competent in managing passive and active communication in parallel. At first, this study program faced many challenges as it was starting something completely new.

Along the way, with the rapid development of information technology and the increasing role of digital space in common life, it is increasingly emphasized that the choice to use the name of the Public Relations and Information Study Program is actually relevant to the situation and needs of the times. “In this context, we are grateful. But we also have to keep updating ourselves, because changes happen very quickly,” he said.

Undip Vocational School currently has 11 Diploma IV study programs and is committed to focus on applied undergraduate programs. The consequence of this policy is that since the academic year of 2019/2020 there will be no new student admissions for Diploma III program.

The 11 existing study programs are divided into 4 departments. They are Department of Industrial Technology which manages the Applied Undergraduate Study Program of Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Design Engineering, Automation Engineering Technology, Nautical Design and Construction Technology, and Industrial Electrical Engineering Study Programs. Then the Department of Civil and Planning which manages the Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Architectural Design, as well as Spatial Planning and Land Management Study Programs.

In the Social Humanities group there is the Department of Business and Finance in charge of the Tax Accounting and Applied Logistics Management and Administration Study Programs. Then the Department of Culture and Language has two study programs, namely Applied Foreign Languages ​​and Public Relations and Information Study Programs. (PR team)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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