Ropinov Saputro, S.E., M.M., Undip Vocational School lecturer, became a resource person of the event for growth of new entrepreneurs which was held by PKK and Baznas of Demak Regency on October 5 2021. The participants were representatives of PKK (Family Welfare Movement) cadres and there were 2 people from each village in Demak Regency. The type of MSMEs industry discussed in this training is the tailoring industry.
The training which was held for 3 days was originally planned to take place in the P2PA meeting room of the Demak Social Service, but was moved to the IPHI Demak building. The event began with a speech and symbolic handover of the sewing machine to the training participants by the Deputy Regent of Demak Regency, KH. ALI MAKHSUN, M.S.I. Welcoming remarks were also given by the Chairperson II of the PKK of Demak Regency, Sri Darwati, S.E., and the Chairperson of Baznas of Demak Regency, Bambang Soesetiarto.
Digital Marketing Training started on the first day of the first session. Ropinov delivered the basics of digital marketing so that participants understand when discussing about the strategic discussion. Ropinov also gave example of cases of digital marketing algorithms to conventional/offline marketing behavior. The low CTR (Click Through Rate) in digital marketing is likened to the number of potential buyers who see our products/stores on the street (offline), but their level of interest is low to simply ask about our products. Ropinov also explained why it could happen. There are several marketing factors why this happens, such as an unattractive store/product display. He further added that on digital platforms this could happen due to unattractive product titles and images, so people are reluctant to click on them. When the CTR is low, the ranking position of the product on a digital platform will be lowered by the algorithm, which resulted in the product being lost from searches for a particular keyword.
At the end of the training session, Ropinov asked the participants to fill out a questionnaire on participant satisfaction and aspirations for the next training field. This is used by the lecturer to map the appropriate MSMEs training theme in terms of business type, scale, geography, capacity and other MSMEs segments. From the results of the participant satisfaction survey, participants were satisfied because the resource person conveyed the material in a way that was easy to understand. Other information that can be extracted from the survey results is the participants’ aspirations regarding the topic of the upcoming training.
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