SEMARANG- The proud feeling is still felt by Farhanum Milatin Nisa’ (23) after winning first place in the Law Essay Competition at Student Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 held by the Faculty of Law of University of Indonesia.

The student of Faculty of Law of Diponegoro University managed to become the champion in the essay writing competition with the theme “Digitalization of Cooperatives through Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)-Based E-Cooperatives in Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0”. In the contest, Milatin succeeded in eliminating participants who represented 19 other universities in Indonesia.

“I feel very proud of this achievement because in other competitions I have joined, my achievement was not the best. So this is proof of my seriousness in joining the competition. I dedicate this achievement to the Faculty of Law Undip and my parents, especially my father,” said the woman born in Kediri, March 16 1999 to the Undip PR team, on Thursday (21/10/2021).

Law Essay Competition at Student Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 held by the Faculty of Law of University of Indonesia is a competition organized by KOPMA (Student Cooperative) of Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia with essay competitions and infographics. The activity was held from September 15th 2021 to October 2nd 2021. The theme of this competition is “The Existence of Cooperatives in the Contemporary Period”.

Being asked about her preparation before participating in the competition, Milatin said that she had done a lot of research in the field on Law Student Entrepreneurship. In addition, she also looked for references to books on entrepreneurship and cooperative law in contemporary times.

The woman who also won 1st place in the Law Fair Essay 2019 held by Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta admitted that she also expressed her gratitude to the supervisors and assistants from Undip who had provided support. She emphasized that the achievement was inseparable from the role of many parties, including faculties and universities that have formed a good academic environment.

She hoped that other students at Faculty of Law Undip would dare to set goals and get achievements in other competitions. Joining competition is one of ways to improve and hone self-learning skills on campus. According to her, competing can also foster self-confidence.

“Keep the spirit to take part in the competition, because by participating in the competition, your knowledge about the law will be wider. It is no less important to stay focused when compiling essays and do not forget to pray a lot,” added the student who won 2nd place in International Writing Competition at KSHI 2018 held by Faculty of Law Undip.

She also said that apart from getting support from the lecturers, she hoped that the campus could also improve its facilities, especially for students participating in competitions, such as rooms and other equipment needed for presentations. “With the full support of facilities and lecturers, students can increase their confidence when participating in competitions,” explained the student who won 2nd place at LKTI MTQ Undip 2019.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Undip Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Retno Saraswati, S.H, M.Hum, said that she was proud of the achievements made by Undip law students. “I am very proud, hopefully with this achievement it can boost the confidence of other students at Faculty of Law Undip to join competitions at national and international levels,” said Prof. Retno. (PR team)

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