SEMARANG-Central Java (3/11). The Undip Young Entrepreneur (UYE) group encouraged millennials and students to be aware of investment and financial literacy through various activities, including holding a webinar entitled “The Importance of Investing for Young People”. Through this online webinar, various investment models in the capital market are introduced, such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, as well as other existing investment models.

The Chairperson of the UYE Webinar Committee 2021, Ananda Citra, hoped that this activity can be useful in increasing knowledge about entrepreneurship for students, an important knowledge for students to master in this era. Knowledge of investment and financial literacy, she said, is an important part of entrepreneurship, including to develop strategies in business.

“As an entrepreneurial community, we are present through various activities including webinars. The goal of this event is to provide space for discussion for students about business and entrepreneurship. Since in the pandemic era, our activities are carried out online,” said Ananda Citra.

Besides acting as an entrepreneurial community, UYE is also dedicated as a forum for aspirations and discussions for Undip entrepreneurial students to increase knowledge and experience through business classes. In this group, students are trained into prospective entrepreneurs who are capable running a business, able to adapt, and carefully reading opportunities.

For information, in preparing prospective entrepreneurs, besides carrying out business classes, UYE also provides mentoring and coaching to its members. Business class is divided into two, namely general class and special class. General classes are held in the form of webinars and special classes are held in the form of business training with mentoring and coaching methods.

The webinar “The Importance of Investing for Young People” which was held on Sunday (31/10/2021) presented the Co-Founder of Ngerti Saham, Frisca Devi Choirina. The executive, who is also an alumni of Diponegoro University, said that the basic principle of investment is to get value that increases continuously, and must be greater than inflation. Otherwise, the money we have will be eroded by inflation.

Indeed, said Frisca, apart from inflation there are other things that need to be considered in investment, namely potential. Talking about inflation is talking about current conditions, but the potential concerns the outlook. “Now is the right moment for you to start learning to invest. When you start to be consistent and have small investments starting from a young age, you will have enough capital you fully understand about investment,” she said.

This understanding of potential that young people need to know today so that investment can develop in the future. An investment mindset needs to be built, because often we are not consistent in investing. Many people stop investing in the middle of the process.

“Don’t let money not be used for investment but be eroded by inflation because it is used in the present. Investment does not have to be land, houses and other expensive things. We as students can start from now. For example, if you have minimal capital because you are still a student, then the capital market is the answer,” she said.

She suggested that in order to have a long life investment, the users should have financial goals. Investment is used as a vehicle towards financial goals. Reminded that investment needs goals, there is something to be achieved. At least, after graduation we have savings to support ourselves until we have a permanent job. “Our goal is to be consistent first. The essence of investing is not losing, so we must have a target and be disciplined with the rules that we made. Don’t be greedy so that there will be no regrets in future,” she concluded. (PR team)