In order to prepare the prospective graduates to be able to compete in the world of work with graduates from other universities and to guide students to prepare for their careers, Diponegoro University (Undip) held a soft skills training activity in 2021 with the theme “Don’t be Distressed If You Want to Graduate, Continue Studying Abroad, Why No?”.

This soft skills training was held online and offline at the Auditorium Building I of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Undip Tembalang Campus and live via the Zoom meeting platform. The training was held on Saturday (20/11) started at 08.00 AM.

This soft skills training was attended by the Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Budi Setiyono, S.Sos., M.Pol.Admin., Ph.D.; Director of Academic, Student Affairs and Alumni, Hanifa Maher Denny, S.KM., MPH., Ph.D.; Deputy Director of Student Affairs and Alumni, Dr. Nuswantoro Dwiwarno, S.H., M.H.; Head of the Undip Bureau of Academic Administration and Student Affairs, Edy Surahmad, S.Pd., M.Sc.; Deputy Academic Director, Dr. eng. Agus Setyawan, S.Si., M.Sc.; and Manager of Student Affairs, Muhammad Muntafi’, S.Sos.

In addition, this event also invited the Senior Executive Secretary of LPDP, Tri Susilo, HSE Analyst of Pertamina PDC (Project PHR), Gustina, SKM, M.Sc.; and Head of Undip International Office, Anggun Puspitarini Siswanto, ST, Ph.D. The event was moderated by the Undip Director of Innovation and Industrial Cooperation, drh. Dian Wahyu Harjanti, Ph.D., and Lecturer from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Undip Robetmi Meets Pinem, S.AB., M.B.A.

In his remarks, Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs represented by the Director of Academics, Student Affairs and Alumni, Hanifa Maher Denny, S.KM., MPH, Ph.D., said that this training aimed to increase the confidence of Undip graduates to remain competitive among the graduates from other campuses.

“This soft skills training is carried out to prepare Undip graduates to have self-confidence, so don’t ever say ‘I can’t, I’m not smart’. Don’t ever be willing to be a victim because your spirit and self-confidence will be lowered,” said Director of Academic, Student Affairs and Alumni, Hanifa Maher Denny, S.KM., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Hanifa Maher hoped that after this training, Undip graduates can learn to improve their self-confidence so that they can further accelerate their career path. “When you look confident, you do something easier. Hope this event can help to make you open up with yourself. Enlighten your mind, open your heart, and ignite your spirit,” he explained.

Senior Executive Secretary of LPDP, Tri Susilo, conveyed the tips for success in getting a scholarship from the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP). “The LPDP program has 3 scholarship programs, the first is an affirmation scholarship, the second is a targeted scholarship, and the third is a general scholarship. You will look for which of these three is the one that best suits your interests, administrative requirements, and in terms of your age, and you can apply for it later,” explained Tri Susilo.

Tri Susilo added that the key to success in getting the scholarship was not just relying on luck but with careful and diligent preparation. “We don’t just rely on luck, but we have to fight for our future,” he added.

As previously noted, LPDP has organized master and doctoral scholarship programs for the nation’s best sons and daughters. It also facilitates commercial research funding to encourage innovation, as well as the rehabilitation of educational facilities damaged by natural disasters. As of January 1st 2020, there have been 24,936 people who have received LPDP scholarships.

HSE Analyst of Pertamina PDC (Project PHR), Gustina, S.K.M., M.Sc., revealed her personal experience at the time when she received the LPDP scholarship. “For those of you who have aspirations to continue studies, take advantage of the opportunities available at LPDP, moreover this is a form of government support which I think is extraordinary,” said the alumni of the Faculty of Public Health Undip.

“The benefits don’t stop when you graduate, but after that you can still feel it and the impact of this LPDP scholarship is really big for our lives,” added Gustina.Head of the Undip International Office, Anggun Puspitarini Siswanto, S.T., Ph.D., added that prospective graduates must prepare from the beginning for their next career. “You have to prepare of what you want to be. Continue to prepare yourselves and enrich your abilities, then let nature give you these gifts,” said the woman who also serves as lecturer of Undip Vocational School.

In addition, prospective graduates are expected to be able to adapt in various places and situations so that they can create their own passion. “So we can form that passion, depending on how we adapt. In the end it comes back to that adaptive ability,” explained Anggun.

Deputy Director of Student Affairs and Alumni, Dr. Nuswantoro Dwiwarno, S.H., M.H., hoped that this training will be a reference for prospective graduates so that they do not hesitate to move to the next stage. “If one person spreads positive information on this training to his classmates who will soon become alumni, this is very extraordinary insight and there will be no more confusion,” he explained.

Dr. Nuswantoro Dwiwarno, S.H., M.H., added that this soft skills training is also expected to be an inspiration for prospective graduates after graduation. “From the material that has been delivered by the speakers, hopefully the messages can inspire the students that there are many open opportunities if later you want to become an entrepreneur, or become a job seeker. You can also continue your education with some of the alternative scholarships mentioned earlier,” he concluded.