Undip Vocational School students managed to prove their competence to be highly competitive by winning 5 national championships. The achievements of Undip Vocational students included 1st Place in the OLIVIA Competition for the Construction Innovation Category of Non-Material through the Innovation field entitled “ALTHERGRITY: Sustainable Portable Residential Solutions with Modular Systems Supported by Hydraulic Interlock Magnetics Integrated Anti-Flood System with Tensegrity Concept Using Thermoelectric Generators and Piezoelectric as Electricity Supply”.

The other achievement is 1st Place in the National Scientific Writing Competition in the FKMTSI National Week 2021 in West Papua with the title of the work “”AIREX: Building Crack Detector System with Internet of Things-Based Sensor Method in Earthquake Disaster Mitigation”.

They also achieved the 1st Place in the National Student Creativity Competition (Workshop FT 2021) held by the Faculty of Engineering, State University of Jakarta 2021 with an innovation entitled “Unbreak: Construction Services Platform Managed by Indonesian Civil Engineering and Architectural Students to Increase Public Awareness of SNI Construction”.

The team of Undip Vocational School also won the 1st place in the Civil Paper Competition at the 5th Civil Creative and Action UGM 2021 by finding innovation entitled “Nerthbon: Non-Adhesive Eco-Brick with Anti-Earthquake System and Carbon Emission Absorber”.

They also become the 2nd place in the national scientific writing competition named Tirtayasa Research Academic Society and Festival (TRACIVAL) 2021 with the theme “The Role of Young Generation as Problem Solver in Overcoming the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic Based on Science and Technology and Local Wisdom”.

The Dean of Undip Vocational School, Prof. Dr. Ir. Budiyono, M.Si. expressed his gratitude because Undip Vocational School has become a center of excellent education for applied studies. Excellent means having competitiveness, as evidenced by winning in various championships.

Furthermore, Prof. Budi hoped that students and lecturers would continue to be enthusiastic about developing various tangible products that are beneficial to the community.

Meanwhile, the Head of Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Architectural Design, Asri Nurdiana, S.T., M.T. said that this study program always creates a conducive environment and continues to provide guidance in producing talented students every year. In this study program, there is of Student Activity Units named Dipovil, a forum for students who have a passion in the field of research. In the future, the study program will always encourage students who are members of this unit and their supervisors to get more achievements.