Diponegoro University has firmly established itself as a World Class University (WCU) with the recognition of 15 internationally accredited study programs. From the information acquired from an interview on Monday (8/12) with Prof. Budi Setiyono, S. Sos., M. Pol. Admin.,Ph.D. as UNDIP Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs, it is said that the 15 study programs submitted for the international accreditation process all passed. Prof. Budi stated that the 15 UNDIP study programs passed international accreditation directly from the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) which is based in Germany on November 27th 2021.

He further explained that the proposal process for accreditation of study programs began in January 2021. Each study program was asked to follow the process of proposing internationally accredited study programs. “LP2MP is in charge of handling the proposal process with providing assistance and helping in the preparation,” he explained. The application for study program accreditation is in line with the Undip Campus Development Master Plan for 2013-2026, where Diponegoro University is currently entering phase V (2020-2024) namely Strengthening Research Universities.

He added that in accordance with the Key Performance Indicators with World Class University criteria, Diponegoro University is targeting 40 internationally accredited study programs. For this reason, UNDIP continues to encourage study programs to achieve international accreditation by improving services as well as HR competencies including infrastructure with international standards. Previously, there were 11 internationally accredited study programs. Following 15 study programs that passed international accreditation, namely Law Undergraduate Study Program and Law Postgraduate Study Program from the Faculty of Law; Business Administration Undergraduate Study Program and Communication Science Undergraduate Study Program from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences; Indonesian Literature Undergraduate Study Program and History Undergraduate Study Program from the Faculty of Humanities; Psychology Undergraduate Study Program from the Faculty of Psychology; Management Undergraduate Study Program, Accounting Undergraduate Study Program, Economics and Development Studies Undergraduate Study Program, Islamic Economics Undergraduate Study Program, Management Postgraduate Study Program, Accounting Postgraduate Study Program, Economics Postgraduate Study Program and Economics Doctoral Study Program from the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Funding for the process of applying for international accreditation provided by the university and each faculty. UNDIP is optimistic that the target of 40 internationally accredited study programs can be achieved. Currently, Diponegoro University has 169 study programs from 11 faculties and 2 schools, namely Postgraduate School and Vocational School. “Hopefully this achievement will make other study programs to be enthusiastic towards internationally accredited study programs,” he concluded. (Ut – Public Relations)