SEMARANG – Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) of Diponegoro University (UNDIP), Dr. Drs. Hadi Warsono, MTP., encouraged all lecturers to have the qualifications of S-3 (Strata 3) or Doctorate to improve the quality of higher education services they provide. He hoped that during his leadership period, at least 60% of lecturers of FISIP Undip with doctoral qualifications can be fulfilled.

This was stated by the Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Undip, Dr. Drs. Hadi Warsono, MTP, after attending the New Professors Scientific Oration with the theme “Social Political Governance Towards a New Indonesia” which was held offline and online on Wednesday (12/8/2021). The activity which was carried out in the series of 53rd Anniversary of FISIP Undip marked the presence of four new professors at FISIP Undip. The new professors are Dr. Drs Sri Suryoko M.SI; Dr. Dra R.R. Hermini Susianingsih M.SI; Dr. Dra Diyah Lituhayu M.SI; and Dr. Supratiwi S.Sos, M.SI.

When giving his speech, Hardi Warsono said that this momentum could encourage other lecturers who have not qualified for doctoral degrees to immediately prepare for study, and those who are currently studying can finish their education. It is stated that currently FISIP Undip has 105 lecturers, but only 48 lecturers have doctoral qualifications, or only 45.71 percent.

According to him, the proportion is not ideal and not sufficient. Since to be an ideal faculty that is able to compete with others, it must have at least 60 percent of professors from the existing lecturers, so FISIP Undip requires an additional of 15 new doctors. “After I identified with the Deputy Dean, currently at FISIP Undip there are already 10 lecturers who are pursuing their studies. This means that there are only 5 people left so we can reach the target. Young or old lecturers are welcomed, we even support and motivate lecturers who are serious about continuing their doctoral studies to improve the quality of their education,” he said.

He said that in the past when there was a new doctor there was nothing special, but from now on there are indicators of the performance of the activity. The campus cannot provide honorarium incentives and so on, but the campus can enter the value in the calculation of the Employee Work Target (SKP). “Therefore, once again I thank you and apologize for not being able to provide better services to our professors who are also presenters in scientific oration,” he added.

On that occasion, the Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Undip also thanked the four new professors who had completed their studies well. The momentum of the scientific oration carried out is expected to be an encouragement to lecturers who are conducting or have intention to continue their studies. The Dean of FISIP Undip also said that he went to college in the 2000s and there were very few students who attended school, so it seems that the enthusiasm of students at that time was not as strong as students nowadays. Now he followed the sayings of “Tan Keno Ora Penting Kudu Sukses” which means that it is mandatory for young lecturers to immediately continue their studies.

“I remind you that pursuing studies is not easy. We step out of our comfort zone and sometimes face a very stressful situation. Many of us also have personal problems, both related to family, work and others, but all of these are challenges that must be resolved, a process that must be passed,” he said.

Despite having limitations, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Undip continues to excel. From the latest information in 2021, FISIP Undip has managed to enter the world ranking of 605+ by subject. “This achievement is certainly very proud for us even though we do not understand what the detailed indicators are. The Deputy Dean will consult with a rating agency so that we can maintain that predicate, so that our programs can be further improved. So far, it’s important for us to try our best regarding of assessment in universities and even world rankings.”

In her scientific oration, Dr. Dra Sri Suryoko M.SI raised the theme “Analyzing Non-Product Output in Achieving Eco-Efficiency (Study on Micro, Small and Medium Industries of Tofu Business in Adiwerna, Tegal Regency”. Dr. Dra. RR Hermini Susianingsih, M.Si discussed “Democracy Lead to Impeachment of Leadership of Temanggung Regency Local Government in 2003-2008”.

Dr. Dra Diyah Lituhayu M.SI gave a speech about “Challenges of the Bureaucracy in establishing Anti-Corruption Behavior”. The oration from Dr. Supratiwi S.Sos, M.SI concerning “Regional Autonomy as Accurate Policy Instrumentation: Learning from Difficulties in Managing Environmental Issues”. (PR team)