SEMARANG – The student of the Faculty of Law (FH) of Diponegoro University (UNDIP) won an achievement at the national level. This time, a law student of the class of 2019, Stella Hita Arawinda, won first place in the Student Category of National Essay competition held by the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (Kemen PPPA) in 2021.

The essay entitled “Women in Wayang Purwa: A Classical Story of the Struggle Against Stigma” was chosen as the best essay in the Student Category. Stella Hita’s writings succeeded in eliminating the works of 64 other participants from various universities, both state and private in Indonesia.

“I am obviously happy for this achievement because this is something new for me. This achievement is also a special gift at the end of 2021. Hopefully it will motivate me to continue to do better at the national and international level,” said Stella as she is familiarly called when interviewed by the Undip PR team, on Thursday (6/01/2021).

The woman who was born in Yogyakarta, January 22, 2001, said that the essay writing competition organized by the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection in commemoration of the 93rd Mother’s Day on December 22, 2021 raised the theme “Women Heroes for the Children of the Nation”. This competition was held from November 15, 2021 to December 5, 2021 and the results were announced at the end of 2021. This activity was carried out online and attended by 64 participants from various schools or universities throughout Indonesia.

The purpose of this activity, said the student who also won 1st place in the National Law Essay at 2021 Brawijaya Law Fair, was to reminisce about the Indonesian women’s movement at that time and restore the public’s mindset about the essence of Mother’s Day, a commemoration of the national women’s movement initiated by Mrs. Soekonto, Mrs. Soejatin, and Nyi Hajar Dewantara.

In joining this competition, she prepared the material by doing research on journals, news articles, infographics, and books. She also made a writing framework for writing and revising or re-examining her essays, for example by checking punctuation, spelling, format and others.

For this achievement, she expressed her gratitude to the Faculty of Law, especially to the lecturers who helped in the writing process so that she could win in this event. She also thanked the supervisors who provided assistance in the writing process to the provision of materials and support.

“For Undip, I am proud to be able to bring the name of the alma mater to the national level so that Undip’s name is increasingly known to many people. Hopefully the Faculty of Law Undip can produce more students who excel not only in the academic field, but also non-academic fields,” she explained.

On this occasion, she also encouraged law students to look for information so they could take part in various competitions. The information can be obtained from friends or social media. “Prepare yourself and don’t be afraid to try so you can get a chance to compete to carry the name of your alma mater well. By participating in the competition, we can get new knowledge and experiences in the world of education,” said the woman who also won 1st place in the National Law Debate at the 2017 Unesa Law Fair in the National High School Category.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Faculty of Law Undip, representing the leadership and the entire academic community, expressed her gratitude for this achievement. Hopefully, this result can motivate other Faculty of Law Undip students to contribute achievements and make the alma mater, nation and state proud.

“We are grateful for this achievement. I hope the students can continue to learn and create. We always provide maximum support for anyone who reach achievements for Faculty of Law Undip,” said the Dean of Faculty of Law Undip, Prof. Dr. Retno Saraswati, S.H, M. Hum. (PR team)