SEMARANG – Diponegoro University (UNDIP) Vocational School provided a communal workspace named the Innovative Business Center (IBC) on Erlangga Street, Pleburan, Semarang City as a space for millennials generation, especially students, to develop their creativity. The room as large as 300 square meters is completed with facilities to support the creative process.

The IBC is divided into three parts, namely a co-working space, a living room and a mini studio room. The supporting facilities provided include air conditioning, tables, chairs, sofas, projectors, blackboards, cabinets, internet access, and a mini cafe for snacks and drinks.

The Dean of Undip Vocational School, Prof. Dr. Budiyono, M.Sc., when inaugurating the Innovative Business Center Communal Workspace on Thursday (06/01/2022), said that the facility is located within the Department of Business and Finance of Undip Vocational School. The Dean hoped that the communal workspace facilities can accommodate students as the millennial generation to develop their talents and creativity. “We support students in producing creative and innovative startups and establishing networks with other parties,” said Prof. Budiyono.

According to him, with current technological advances, Undip Vocational School is optimistic that it can produce new entrepreneurs. “The inauguration of the communal workspace of Undip Vocational School is a form of our readiness to welcome a very dynamic new era. Moreover the vocational field requires the ability of graduates that are in accordance with applied science and can be directly applied in the industrial world,’ he explained.

The Innovative Business Center’s communal workspace is not only adequate in terms of facilities, but also comfortable to use for work, discussion and gathering with the community. Therefore, the Head of the Department of Business and Finance of Undip Vocational School, Dr. Edy Rahardja, M.Sc., welcomed the inauguration of the communal workspace. “The communal workspace can improve the performance of the institution, both for lecturers and students in the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education,” he explained.

Edy Rahardja emphasized that this communal workspace will subsequently be used as a forum for various training activities in business and entrepreneurship fields as well as making collaboration with the industrial world and other parties. Communal workspace is also used to incubate students who have an interest in business and entrepreneurship to develop their business to suit current technological advances and business developments.

On this occasion, the Undip Vocational School also signed a collaboration with the Industrial World and the World of Work. The signing of the cooperation was carried out between the Undip Vocational School with three Public Accounting Firms (KAP) and two Tax Consultant Offices (KKP). They are KAP Rahardja, KAP Idjang Sutikno, KAP Darsono, KKP Dr. Frans Sudirjo and KKP Alex dan Rekan.

This collaboration is a form of link and match between universities and the world of work by carrying out cooperation in the fields of vocational education, developing courses and curriculum, as well as facilitating lectures for guest lecturers and internship students. (PR team)

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