“Students who love nature have a role in life, remembering that nature lovers have a mission to protect nature. For example, planting trees is very important as an effort to preserve nature. We as nature lovers are not only active in preserving the nature, but also in the social environment, such as being part of SAR when a natural disaster occurs,” said Muhammad Firhan Maftuh Ahnan, Head of the Student Activity Unit for Nature Lovers Student (Wapeala) of Diponegoro University.

“I entered Wapeala because I like mountain climbing and want to gain more managerial knowledge. I also want to add soft skills such as rafting and diving where these skills are also used in my knowledge in fisheries. The activities carried out by Wapeala Undip since 1976 are varied, one of them was mountains climbing within the country including Mount Lawu, Mount Sindoro, Mount Merbabu, while mountains abroad such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kili, Mount Kinabalu and Mount Carstensz,” continued the student of Aquatic Resources Management Study Program of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences.

Firhan conveyed that the activities carried out by Wapeala Undip during the pandemic were social activities around Semarang such as distributing groceries or food during the month of Ramadan last year, holding training on communication tools such as HT which are commonly used in the field and planting activities.

“Education and organization are useful in everyday life. Education teaches us to be someone who can think critically and help provide solutions when problems occur, especially in the surrounding environment. Organizations such as Wapeala become a learning space for us to get soft skills that we do not get in class,” he concluded. (Lin – Public Relations)