Abdullah Umbu Abidin (Alumni of Commerce Administration FISIP Class of 1993) was elected as Chair of the Regional Leadership Council of the Diponegoro University Alumni Association Branch of Special Region of Yogyakarta  (DPD IKA UNDIP DIY) for the period of 2021 – 2026. The inauguration event was held as a series of events at the Regional Conference of DPD IKA UNDIP DIY at the Yogyakarta City Hall Complex (26/12).

According to the Decree of the DPP IKA UNDIP, Number: 08/SK-DPP IKA UNDIP/XII/2021, dated December 26, 2021, the management included Hendy Purwo Prabowo as the secretary and Putri Khusnul Khotimah as the treasurer.

“We are trying to give something positive for the benefit of alumni, especially in the DIY area, while our mission is to gather alumni, both young and senior, to meet and carry out events together. We have also pioneered Pancasila Village and Diponegoro Village, as well as worked on a documentary about Prince Diponegoro in collaboration with the Diponegoro community. In addition we also aim to connect alumni so that they can play an active role in DIY,” said Umbu.

He said that together with his team members who are relatively young and have different professional backgrounds, they will soon implement new work programs. DPD IKA UNDIP DIY tries to develop content related to the struggle of Prince Diponegoro, while external programs are conducting collaboration and connecting alumni to the community around. During the pandemic era, the activities are still carried out in the form of digital content or digital forums and online activities which are promoted through social media.

“We really want to be able to watch Diponegoro’s shadow puppets show on the Undip campus. It can be shown on the Tembalang campus where people watch shadow puppets show together all night long. This is the new knowledge for students to get to know about Diponegoro’s history and the roles of Prince Diponegoro through the art of wayang,” he continued.

“Whatever happens, we will always do the best for our alma mater, benefit many people, and raise the good name of Undip wherever and whenever we are,” concluded Umbu. (Lin – Public Relations)