Another brilliant achievement was achieved by Diponegoro University (Undip). Based on the latest ranking results released by the world rating agency, Webometrics, in the Top Portal of Journal in Webometrics February 2022 category, Undip E-Journal System (UEJS) Portal, was chosen as the best E-Journal Portal in Indonesia. With these results, Undip has become increasingly established as a research university that excels at national and international levels.

“We are very proud to be included and achieved the best position in ranking of Webometrics February 2022, that has chosen Undip E-Journal Portal (especially the Undip E-Journal Portal 3) as the best journal portal in Indonesia and ranked 71st in the world. Actually, there are 3 journal portals in Undip, while the Undip E-Journal 2 is ranked 139th in the world,” explained Prof. Dr. Istadi, S.T., M.T., Head of the Integrated Laboratory Unit as well as one of the Undip Journal Trustees Team.

There are two E-Journal portals at Undip that are ranked in the Webometrics February 2022, namely Undip E-Journal System (UEJS) Portal 3 which occupied 1st position in Indonesia and 71st position in the world. Meanwhile, Undip E-Journal System (UEJS) Portal 2 managed to occupy the 139th position in the world.

As the world rating agency, Webometrics uses quantitative methods that have been specifically designed and applies indicators that allow it to measure scientific activity on scientific journal websites. In the Top Portal of Journal in Webometrics February 2022 category, the scientific journals studied are scientific journal repositories based on the article index on Google Scholar.

“However keep in mind that the Webometrics ranking is very dynamic, because it is based on real time data from the E-Journal website using the Google Scholar index tool. Webometrics usually issue the ranking twice a year,” said Prof. Istadi.

Undip E-Journal System (UEJS) Portal is a portal for publishing scientific journals that focus on publishing research results in Indonesia and in the world that have benefits by using strong and appropriate research methodologies. The Undip E-Journal System (UEJS) Portal has provided a wide range of high quality content and article resources that drive discovery and drive the world’s most influential scientific advancement.

With the results of the Webometrics ranking, journal managers at Undip will be more enthusiastic in managing their journals well. They will also continue to help disseminate research results at Undip, from universities, and research institutions in Indonesia and the world. “With this global dissemination of Undip journals, we hope that research citations from Undip and Indonesia will soon receive citations from the world level. Journal managers at Undip are very grateful to the Undip Research Institute and Community Service (LPPM) for their extraordinary facilitation regarding Undip E-Journal Portal,” explained Prof. Istadi.

In addition, Undip will continue to improve the quality and increase the SINTA (Science and Technology Index) accreditation, as well as increase the number of journals indexed by Scopus and/or Web of Science. “No less important, the maintenance of the E-Journal server is also a major concern, so that our journals can be accessed by anyone from the global level easily and smoothly,” he added.

There are several Undip journals that have been indexed by Scopus and/or Web of Science. It was recorded that until the end of 2021, Undip journals indexed by Scopus had 6 scientific journals, namely:

  1. Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis,
  2. Journal of the Indonesian Tropical Animal Agriculture,
  3. International Journal of Renewable Energy Development,
  4. Nurse Media Journal of Nursing, (accepted April 20, 2020)
  5. Marine Sciences: Indonesian Journal of Marine Sciences, (accepted 28 October 2020)
  6. Geoplanning: Journal of Geomatics and Planning, (accepted December 30, 2020)

Meanwhile, based on the ranking results in the Top Portal of Journal in Webometrics February 2022 category for the world level, the China National Knowledge Infrastructure occupied the first position, Scientific Electronic Library placed in second position, and Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator Electronic J- STAGE is in third position.