At the 165th Graduation Ceremony which was held online on Wednesday (9/2/2022), Diponegoro University (Undip) inaugurated 2,518 students consisting of 71 people of Doctoral program, 309 people of Master program, 65 people of Specialists, 220 people of Professionals, 1,608 people of Bachelor program, 38 people of Applied Bachelor program and 207 people of Diploma program.

In his report, Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Faisal, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D. conveyed that in this graduation ceremony Undip also inaugurated students with Double Degree program. Double Degree is obtained from Diponegoro University and from universities in Indonesia or other universities abroad in the context of cooperation in the development of a study program and awarded two diplomas. The graduates of the Double Degree program are Tan Oscario Archie Kristandy with a degree in Accounting from Saxion University in the Netherlands; Kevinia Krisnia Putri, Elisse Claudea Bella, Clarissa Aditia with a degree in Management from Saxion University in the Netherlands; Muhammad Izudin Irfan with a degree in Management from Universite De La Reunion, France; and Kristian Benardo with a degree in Accounting from Médicis Business School Paris XIII France.

There are also graduates who are registered as international students, they are Razafinandrasana Cynthia from Madagascar who graduated from a Bachelor of Accounting; Ramiandrisoa Fredo from Madagascar who graduated from a Bachelor of Economics; and Mostafa Imhmed Ighwerb who graduated from a Doctor of Marine Sciences.

Other than regular classes, Undip also opens the IUP (International Undergraduate Program) admission path which is designed as a special class with English as a medium of communication in all activities on campus. The IUP aims to produce graduates who are globally competitive. This program is offered to prospective national and international students.

“We all know that in 2021, Undip managed to get a second rank nationally based on the achievement of the 2021 PTN-BH League of Key Performance Indicators. We got this achievement with hard work and support from many parties, including alumni. Alumni support in the form of information feedback about the work readiness of graduates is very necessary to support these achievements. We hope that the graduates will be successful in pursuing their careers, and become good role models for the community,” he concluded. (Lin – Public Relations)