“During the current pandemic, we are carrying out several activities, including distributing masks and basic necessities to friends and the public. We also visit schools around Banda Aceh to participate in promoting Diponegoro University. In 2021, the number of Covid-19 cases in Aceh was decreased so that we can still carry out activities offline. In addition, we also hold webinar programs via Zoom meeting platform. Meanwhile, for big event plans, we will hold a national seminar involving the campus, which is planned to be held in May after Eid as well as halal bihalal. The theme is strengthening relations and synergy between alumni with active Undip students and inviting the community to enter Undip,” said Dr. Abdul Aziz, S.H., M.Hum., Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council of the Diponegoro University Alumni Association (DPD IKA UNDIP) of Aceh.

Abdul Aziz is a graduate of Faculty of Law Undip who is serving as a judge at the Bale Bandung District Court and this year he received a new mandate to become Deputy Chair of the Subang District Court. He conveyed that IKA UNDIP Aceh provided support for Undip towards World Class University, including participating in introducing Undip anywhere and to anyone.

“Many Undip alumni in Aceh have become teachers and play important roles in government, such as serving in the regional service. We hope that Aceh students are given the opportunity to be able to study at Undip since there will be cooperation between universities in Aceh and Undip,” he continued.

“I am grateful for the knowledge that I have received while studying at Undip, especially the Faculty of Law, of course I will apply this knowledge in the world of work. In the court itself, there are already many alumni of the Faculty of Law Undip who have important positions. We hope that our steps are followed by other juniors so that they can become judges, prosecutors and other law enforcement officials. Undip is one of the leading universities in Indonesia, from year to year the interest to study at the Faculty of Law is increasing. Thank you to the university for not getting tired of supporting alumni and providing input so that we can carry out our duties as well as possible,” said Abdul Aziz.

“We are always open to being involved as part of the academic community or a manifestation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. We will be ready to help the university in the form of community service and implementation of Free Learning – Independent Campus program. If there are students who want to do internships at the Court, the Prosecutor’s Office or other institutions, please let us know, we will gladly help the students,” he concluded. (Lin – Public Relations)

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