“Internet or online communication is an unfinished issue. Online media is different from conventional media, the presence of online media is something positive for the development of information and communication technology. The development of communication technology certainly has an important role, including in Corporate Brand and Personal Brand. Personal branding is the key to build and develop millions of professionals, while corporate branding is the application of the use of the company name as a product brand, and the company name is used as a guarantor of the quality of the products or services provided by the organization or company. This webinar will discuss more deeply about the Brand Alignment Strategy and Personal Brand.” This was conveyed by Dr. Yanuar Luqman, S.Sos., M.Si., Head of Master of Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University at the Webinar on National Online Reputation Management: Brand Alignment Strategy and Personal Brand (16/3).

Present as resource person, Dr. Hifni Alifahmi, M.Si., IAPR (Observer of Public Relations Corporate Communication, Marketing Communication, Lecturer, Head of Master of Communication Studies, Sahid University, Jakarta). He conveyed that a brand is a perception that comes from the experience or information of a product because it is a brand that distinguishes a product from others. While branding is the process of creating a brand image that is able to bind or touch the hearts and minds of customers, and there are signs about time to rebrand.

Meanwhile, to build the company’s reputation to be strong and good for buyers and consumers, is through campaigns that emphasize the attributes of vision and leadership, social responsibility, emotional appeal, product and service, workplace environment and financial performance.

“We need to map and know the brand position compared to competitors in the minds of customers, potential customers, and in the eyes of stakeholders. The stages are identification, then selection of mainstay attributes. Communication of these main attributes is needed to create brand differentiation,” he explained. (Lin – Public Relations)

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