Balanced nutrition is one way to maintain body health, starting with a good diet. Thus the body gets adequate nutrition and can carry out its functions without problems. Balanced nutrition is a daily diet that contains nutrients in the type and amount according to the body’s needs, paying attention to the principles of food diversity, physical activity, clean living behavior and monitoring body weight regularly in order to maintain a normal weight as well as to prevent nutritional problems.

“Balance nutrition is a balanced portion of the various nutrients that exist, between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Besides being balanced, there are also various variations, the food should not be the same but balance the body’s needs. Body needs must be seen from body weight and balanced with activity. Energy needs are calculated based on body weight and adjusted to the activity of each person,” said dr. Enny Probosari, M.Sc., Med., Sp.GK (K), Clinical Nutrition Specialist at Diponegoro National Hospital (RSND), Diponegoro University.

Regarding obesity, dr. Enny conveyed that obesity is a condition where there is excessive fat accumulation in the body and causes health problems.

“For children, breakfast is obligatory so that children don’t like snacking, especially if they like sweet drinks, then those habits must be watched out for. Snacks that contribute calories, sodium or high salt will trigger obesity. The hope is that with eating breakfast, the children’s hunger will be under control. It is not recommended for children to have a strict diet because children are still in their growth stage so they must eat food with balanced nutrition, including rice, vegetables, fruit, and side dishes. The choices of side dishes must be considered, for example, avoiding the use of flour to minimize calories. The pattern of food modification must be changed, and invite children to do activities, such as gymnastics or light exercise,” she explained.

“It is better to monitor weight, maintain balanced weight condition and eat according to need, not because of desire. Eat with the principle of balanced nutrition, don’t forget to drink regularly and do regular physical activity 5 to 7 times in a week ,” said dr. Enny. (Lin – Public Relations)