Today the opportunity to achieve a career that is in line with the majors is decreasing. This condition is certainly a challenge for young people, especially those who have just finished their studies at the undergraduate level. Thus, young people are required to be able to carry out job descriptions not only based on their majors but also their passions.

The emergence of this phenomenon has brought Diponegoro University (Undip) as one of the leading campuses in Indonesia to contribute to facilitating its students to gain greater opportunities in achieving a brilliant career by holding a seminar last Thursday (17/03). The seminar entitled “Soft Skills Training: Transforming Passion into Profession” presented a professional speaker, Makhmud Kuncahyo.

The 2 hours length seminar which was participated by Diponegoro University students focused the discussion on steps to develop passion in achieving future career success in the digital era. Makhmud Kuncahyo explained that everyone must have a different passion. Thus what needs to be done is to understand the ways or steps to be able to turn our passion into a profession. “The first step to turn your passion into a profession is actually very simple. Starting from a question of ‘who am I?’ The goal is to find out who and what we really want,” he said.

In addition to the steps to turn passion into a profession, through this webinar participants are invited to change their mindset to become more positive and optimistic. By maintaining a positive mindset, the process of achieving a brilliant career will be smoother. The event ended with a question and answer session by giving participants the opportunity to ask in more details about the material that had been presented. It is hoped that through this seminar, Diponegoro University can actively participate and be part of the student preparation process in achieving a brighter career future. (Sal – Public Relations Team)