Undeniably, food in this era has many types. In fact, there is a type of food called junk food or fast food that is very influential on the health of the body. dr. Tanjung Ayu Sumekar, M.Si.Med, Sp.KJ explained about the dangers posed by eating disorders, including cardiovascular disorders such as decreased muscle mass, weakened heart rate, high blood pressure, digestive problems, sleep disorders, disorders of the skeletal system or bones, hormonal changes, and so on.

This explanation was delivered in online education with the topic “Eating Disorders: Is It Dangerous?” held by the Psychiatry Specialist Education Program (PPDS), Faculty of Medicine (FK), Diponegoro University, online via the Zoom Cloud Meetings platform and live broadcast on Undip TV Official YouTube channel on Friday (25/3).

In collaboration with the Semarang Branch of the Association of Indonesian Psychiatry Specialists, the committee invited two competent resource persons in their fields, namely dr. Hang Gunawan Asikin, Sp.KJ and dr. Tanjung Ayu Sumekar, M.Si.Med, Sp.KJ.

“In diagnosing eating disorders, we have to look at whether it includes psychological disorders, digestive disorders, comorbidity conditions, or if these symptoms are a collection of diseases,” said dr. Hang Gunawan Asikin, Sp.KJ.

dr. Tanjung Ayu Sumekar conveyed that eating disorder symptoms such as anorexia nervosa are more at risk than depression and have a higher mortality rate than other eating disorder symptoms. “Anorexia nervosa is at a higher risk than depression. The mortality rate from this symptom is also higher than other symptoms of eating disorders,” she concluded.

Unfortunately, most people with eating disorders do not realize or even deny that they are suffering from an eating disorder. Therefore, with this educational forum, dr. Tanjung Ayu Sumekar hoped that participants can be helped in detecting symptoms of eating disorders in themselves and those around them. (Zah – Public Relations Team)