“Since the third semester, I have founded a small publisher that helps writers to publish their works named Attorney Media. I have also joined the religious organization, Kharisma, at the Faculty of Humanities. I’m currently busy finishing my thesis, working at two publishers, and focusing on writing novels,” said Mellyana Dhian Isfandhiary, a student of the Department of Indonesian Literature, Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University who has become a successful novelist.

Mellyana’s works include a novel entitled Sabiya (The Wound You Inscribed) published by Grasindo, Cinta Fisabilillah (AE Publishing), Diaku Imamku (Self publishing), Senja di Istanbul (Self Publishing), Sayap Surgaku (Coconutbooks), Dear, Imamku ( Coconutbooks), Pangeran Hati (Loveable), Tulang Rusuk Menuju Surga (Bintang Media), Sepertiga Malam (Loveable), and Aisfa (on the Cabaca app). In addition, the novel has been serialized on Genflix. Diaku Imamku became the best series for Genflix 2021, while Rusuk Menuju Surga will be aired in April 2022.

“I have loved the world of writing fiction since I was young, but began to explore it in 2016. I have always been writing consistently until now and am very grateful that some of my works have been adapted into audio visuals. My novel focuses on the Islamic religious genre. Now I’m working on a script entitled Annalis,” she said.

“Explore your potential, manage the most expensive asset of human being, namely the mindset. It is normal when we are underestimated at first, but when we work on the field we can become successful people in the field we are in,” concluded Mellyana. (Lin – Public Relations)

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