The Diponegoro University Integrated Service Unit (ULT) is a sub-unit under the Integrated Services and Public Relations Division, Communication and Business Bureau of Undip . ULT is a one stop service (one-stop integrated service) that provides information and complaints services from the public and key stakeholders, namely students and prospective students. In providing information and complaint services, ULT Undip coordinates and cooperates with other units within the Undip environment, including PSDKU and the Undip campus in Jepara.

ULT itself has Halo Undip service, which is a website-based integrated public service for requests for information, complaints, aspirations, public services, promotions and publications as well as the official website of PPID (Information and Documentation Implementing Officer). Halo Undip;s official website was established as a way to achieve transparency of Undip information to the general public with the slogan Faster, namely Fast Service Top Respond and become an inseparable part of Undip’s Public Relations and ULT activities. Halo Undip can be accessed via the link The types of services include Academic and Student Services, Financial Services, Cooperation Services, IT services and other general services, including complaint services.

In order to introduce the services available at Halo Undip, ULT Undip held a Socialization of the Undip ULT Page with the Halo Undip Live Chat Application which was carried out online via Zoom, Friday (1/3).

Prof. Budi Setiyono, S.Sos., M.Pol.Admin., Ph.D., as Vice Rector III for Communication and Business delivered material on “Services with Live Chat Halo Undip”. He conveyed that this service for the community has the aim to increase the participation of the community in monitoring Undip’s programs and performance in carrying out public education and to increase community interaction with Undip in the context of monitoring the implementation of education and public services. Meanwhile, the organizers provide facilities and infrastructure for quality information, complaints, aspirations and public services that are fast, easy, affordable and measurable and provide optimal information, complaints, aspirations and public services that meet public service standards.

“ULT is a manifestation of the implementation of bureaucratic reform, Stakeholders are people who care about services, they are the ones who experience the most impact on service quality, community assessment of the government, especially Higher Education Service Institutions is measured by the quality of services provided. As a public body, Undip is obliged to provide public services through ULT to serve requests for information and public complaints,” he said.

“Meanwhile, the service innovation that is easy and fast to respond is the Halo Undip live chat at which can be accessed via the website and smartphone. It is a service to help convey the right information to applicants for information and complaints,” concluded Prof. Budi. (Lin – Public Relations)