“The Tarhib Ramadan activity is a moment to improve our prayer and worship in this month of Ramadan, hopefully it will become a field of charity for all members of the Diponegoro National Hospital. This month is also filled with more charity and contribution to goodness and prosperity. Various kinds of activities will be carried out by RSND during this year’s Ramadan because it is a good tradition for us,” said Dr. dr. Sutopo Patria Jati, M.M., M.Kes, as the President Director of the Diponegoro National Hospital, Diponegoro University, in his remarks at the Tarhib Ramadhan 1443 H RSND UNDIP with the theme “Improving Faith and Belief to Produce Integrity and Professionalism” (1/3).

“In addition, this momentum also gives enthusiasm to work more, improve performance and main tasks in each field. Hopefully RSND will be increasingly trusted by the community,” he continued.

The committee presents Ustadz Riyadh Ahmad Riyadin (Pondok DOAQU Untukmu Manyaran Semarang). He conveyed the importance of the night of Lailatul Qadar in the month of Ramadan, one of the times awaited by mankind all over the world is the arrival of Lailatul Qadar because that night brings goodness equal to a thousand months.

“On the night of Lailatul Qodar, angels including the angel Gabriel will come and it is an efficient time to pray. Let’s fulfill the nights in the month of Ramadan by maximizing our worship, tarawih, and recitation of Quran. Fasting is not only to hold hunger and thirst, but also to not say bad things as we wait for the night of Lailatul Qodar. Let’s make Ramadan extraordinary by waiting for the night of Lailatul Qodar to settle all matters, both small and big affairs,” said Ustadz Riyadh. (Lin – Public Relations)

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