The Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences (FPP), Diponegoro University, in collaboration with the Edufarmers Foundation, established an internship program for students to develop their interests and talents in agriculture in order to create future leaders of the Indonesian agricultural sector, by creating new millennial stock farmers. This program is intended for students because it can improve soft/hard skills which are very useful for future careers, so that students can be more productive according to their interests and talents.

While delivering the “Socialization of the Farming Program for the Country (Bertani untuk Negeri / BUN) Batch 4 of the Broiler and Layer Chicken Program” on last week, Yahja Djanggola (Chairman of Edufarmers Foundation) said that currently Indonesia is facing two challenges related to the development of young people and the agricultural sector, namely Indonesia’s agricultural productivity which turns out to be lower than its potential, thereby lowering Indonesia’s food security index. Meanwhile, another problem is that Indonesia needs graduates who are ready to work to become entrepreneurs and future leaders.

Through this collaboration, FPP Undip also hoped that it can provide benefits for instilling the love and enthusiasm of young people for the world of agriculture and increasing the skills and competencies of young people to adapt to the demands of modern times as professionals and entrepreneurs.

BUN is an initiative program from the Edufarmers Foundation to develop Indonesia’s agricultural sector through increasing agricultural productivity, especially smallholder agriculture. The program is done through training and mentoring for farmers to increase their capacity as well as their effectiveness and efficiency in farming. This program is designed to bring together the younger generation with farmers in the hope that there will be a transfer of knowledge and technology from the academic and/or industrial world to smallholder farmers in order to increase productivity.

The BUN of the Broiler Chicken Program is placed in the Central Java area from February 4 – August 5, 2022 and the Layer Chicken Program is placed in the East Java area (Blitar and Trenggalek) from February 7 – July 29, 2022. (Timred FPP, Lin-Public Relations)