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Rana Umairah (Head of UKM Peduli Sosial UNDIP): UKM Peduli Sosial Trains Concern and Altruism

“Long before becoming a college student, I was enjoying carrying out activities directly with the community as a real form of caring for the surrounding environment in need. When I learned that at Diponegoro University there was a UKM Peduli Sosial / Social Care Student Activity Unit, I didn’t immediately decide to join because I was busy studying. However, I think my spirit to organize and carry out social programs has not faded, and the need to seek relations and experience in organization is very high. After I became a member, I realized that at UKM Peduli Sosial not only trains awareness and altruism, but also trains organizational skills, such as working together in teams and applying a professional attitude,” said Rana Umairah, Head of UKM Peduli Sosial of Diponegoro University.

She said the activities and programs carried out by UKM Peduli Sosial  were related to service to the environment and the community. The members had gone through difficult times at the beginning of the pandemic because all activities were shifted online, whereas previously all activities were offline and went directly to the environment. However, over time, UKM Peduli Sosial can adapt by carrying out their offline activities to online activities.

“The activities that we carry out online include training, webinars, and campaigns. The activity was carried out by utilizing the social media of UKM Peduli Sosial. In addition, some of our activities also collaborate with other communities to spread the benefits that we aim for. So, we take advantage of social media and collaborate with communities so that the goals of our service can be realized.”

“Since the global situation has improved, we are gradually trying to create a hybrid system for some activities of UKM Peduli Sosial. The objective is for the members of the UKM Peduli Sosial to have the experience to join the community and the community can feel the role of the UKM Peduli Sosial,” said the student of Psychology.

“Social care has a very important role in life. Moreover, humans as social beings, of course need each other. Meanwhile, to help others, that concern needs to first grow in us. When we help others, a feeling of usefulness arises within us which leads us to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction with life. It is as important as education and organization, which are our provisions in living life,” she continued.

“There are so many things that we get from education and organizations to apply in our daily activities. Education makes us know what is the purpose of this life and the future. The organization is also a place to gain skills, such as public speaking and time management, as well as training self-resilience. Do not hesitate to pursue education and join an organization because it is one of our steps to prepare for the future,” concluded Rana.  (Lin – Public Relations)

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