Hyperactive in children is characterized by children who can not stay still and always move. Hyperactivity is different from being very active, a hyperactive child has a desire to move continuously which he cannot control. Parents should be wary if their child’s active behavior actually makes it difficult for them to carry out daily activities or even causes interference with interactions with their peers.

“Hyperactivity can be explained as a condition when a child can’t calm down, can’t stay still or always moves to and fro. If the hyperactivity is normal, the child can still be quiet when he is required to be quiet. But we also have to know abnormal hyperactivity, signs of abnormal hyperactivity can be seen, for example a child is walking to and fro, maybe crashing, having excessive ignorance, being asked to be quiet but can’t, moving over and over like running around in circles without any meaning, and too responsive,” said dr. Tun Paksi Sareharto, M.Si.Med., Sp.A (K), Consultant Pediatrician at Diponegoro National Hospital Undip.

“If you see a child looking hyperactive, parents should check with a pediatrician, whether this hyperactivity is normal or abnormal. The doctor will carry out an assessment and make a diagnosis, if this is autism then the child will be treated. Most autism therapy is behavioral therapy. In autistic children, speech delay usually occurs, so therapy for autistic children should be carried out as early as possible. So when there is an oddity in the child, the parents must be responsive. Early detection will be very helpful and the recovery will be fast. It is hoped that the child will be able to enter public school,” he continued.

dr. Tun Paksi conveyed that parents must understand their children’s strengths and weaknesses so that later they can direct their children to a higher level because in the end children will be separated from their parents and must be independent. Parents must know where the direction that their children will go to or their dream job, it determines which college or field of science they must enter. Discussions with children and families are needed, to consider the child’s abilities, as well as the field of education and its location.

“If we meet hyperactive children or parents who feel their children are hyperactive, we must first evaluate whether the hyperactivity is normal or not. Toddler age children are sometimes very active because their fine and gross motor skills are still developing so they really need to move a lot. But if there is strange or repetitive behavior, or if the child cannot interact with people, for example, no eye contact, being invited to talk without seeing the other person, being invited to talk but cannot answer properly, these signs must be watched out for. Please immediately consult a pediatrician so that we can determine whether it is autistic or not, or if there are other abnormalities. Examination of children with possible autism and their treatment can also be done at the RSND,” he said. (Lin – Public Relations)

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