The Undip Commercial and Risk Analysis Business Agency (BP UBIKAR) has held a Socialization and Assistance in the Use of Business Identification Numbers (NIB) and Indonesian Standard Classification of Business Fields (KBLI) in Undip. This activity was carried out offline at the 2nd Floor of BAA Meeting Room, SA-MWA Building recently (31/3). The event was attended by the Vice Rector of Communication and Business, Chairman and Deputy Chair of BP UBIKAR, Head of Communication and Business Bureau, Chair and Team of NIB and KBLI, Team of BP UBIKAR, managers of Business Units under UBIKAR, representatives from the Faculties and other invitees. This activity aimed to provide assistance to Business Units in preparing KBLI filling and reporting.

This event began with a report from the Head of BP UBIKAR, Dwi Cahyo Utomo, S.E., M.A., Ph.D., followed by remarks from the Vice Rector of Communication and Business, Prof. Budi Setiyono, S.Sos., M.Pol.Admin., Ph.D. This activity presented a resource person from the Head of NIB and KBLI, Denny, who explained the General Explanation of the OSS RBA. The event was continued with Document Mapping by Undip Commercial Business Unit, Assistance in Filling OSS and LKPM Documents, as well as Simulation and Filling in LKPM Reports submitted by the NIB and KBLI Team.

In order to increase business investment in the country, the government is actively working on a number of policies to cut down the old licensing process which is considered too complicated. One of the regulations recently implemented by the government is the Online Single Submission (OSS) system. Through a system that is supported by the legal protection of PP No. 24/2018, business owners can take care of all permits online.

One of the supporting requirements in managing Undip’s commercial business requires business legality in the form of NIB and KBLI. By registering with OSS, business owners can also obtain an NIB, which functions similarly to a NIK for citizens. NIB can be the first step to speed up the business licensing process. Therefore, it is certainly mandatory for business owners to immediately register their companies through the OSS system to obtain NIB.

NIB is the identity of a business actor issued through the OSS institution after the business actor has registered. In addition to functioning as a business identity, the NIB also acts as a Company Registration Certificate (TDP), Import Identification Number (API), and Customs Access, especially if the business owner carries out export or import activities. This means that with the NIB, business owners no longer need to take care of the three requirements for a business license. Through the NIB registration, business owners can also obtain other registration documents needed for business licensing such as NPWP, Letter of Approval for the Plan to Use Foreign Workers (RPTKA), proof of BPJS Employment registration, and business license for the trading sector (SIUP).

Prior to the OSS and NIB systems, business owners might take a long time to apply for permits. The difference in policies and regulations applied by each region is a factor that makes business licensing considered complicated and takes weeks or even months. However, with the OSS and NIB systems, business owners can get convenience in managing permits because the requirements for applying for permits are uniform and do not require document review. As long as the business owner has met the required requirements, a business license can be obtained in a relatively short time.

NIB can facilitate business owners to store licensing data in one identity. Business owners only need to use the NIB and supporting files to take care of licensing without having to carry a pile of folders that are too many and cumbersome. With the NIB, Commercial Businesses can directly gain access to issue other permits such as operational permits and commercial permits. It can be explained that Undip now has a NIB, so it is necessary to take care of the existing documents so that the KBLI is not revoked.

In principle, after obtaining an NIB and a business license through the OSS system, business owners must be able to fulfill their commitments to obtain operational and commercial permits that are useful in running their business. If it is unable to fulfill its commitments, the OSS Institution can immediately revoke the business license, with the issuance of the KBLI which has legal consequences for the Business Unit to report its Investment activities (LKPM) every 3 (three) months, if this is not done, the KBLI will be deactivated. Thus LKPM reporting must be an important concern for every Business Unit. (As)