As an effort to realize the University’s vision as a World Class University, Diponegoro University (UNDIP) was holding a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) / Virtual Exchange (VE) 2022 with the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Manila in the Philippines with full support from the European Union Support to Higher Education in The ASEAN Region (SHARE). This program aimed to improve student services, including domestic and international students.

The COIL/VE 2022 activity began on Wednesday, April 6, 2022 with the topic of “Pattern Recognition/Data Mining” managed by the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, UNDIP in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, UST. A total of 20 students from UNDIP and 20 students from UST started online lectures until May 11, 2022. This activity was guided by Dr. Eng. Adi Wibowo, S.Si, M.Kom (UNDIP) for the topic of “Pattern Recognition” and Dr. Donata Acula, Mr. Jeffrey Bayani (UST) for the topic of “Data Mining”.

In this COIL/VE Program, students learn the basics of pattern recognition and data mining, as well as their relationship to existing problems. The main purpose of this study is to be able to identify data and how pattern recognition and data mining can be applied. The students also study the application of pattern recognition and data mining to specific classical computer problems not only in Indonesia but also in the Philippines (for example: signal analysis in voice and geosignals, visual processing of remote sensing/satellite data, medical and diagnostic data, etc).

“The SHARE activity is one of the joint programs with partners from ASEAN that has been going on for several years. In the even semester of 2022, there are 3 study programs at Undip that hold COIL SHARE activities in collaboration with the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines,” said Anggun Puspitarini Siswanto, ST, PhD as Head of UNDIP International Affairs Office in the Welcoming Remarks activity of COIL SHARE Pattern Recognition/Data Mining. The remarks from the UST representative was given by Dr. Donata Acula, “We hope that this program could strengthen our collaborations not only for the students but also for the academics.”